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  • I generally don't give a 'Karp about wearing anythin' besides plain ol' generic apparel... but hot damn do I want that shirt. :lol:
    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for maintaining a great site! ...and for fixing the new member glitch! :thumbsup:
    Hey, you just trashed that one spammer, right? If so, many thanks. =)

    I'm used to watching those bigots leave a humongous mess for the mods and/or admins to handle after their late night trollin', and it's great to see how little "damage" the idiot did before a well-timed smash with the ban hammer. :)
    I got a question...
    Why is there a word thingy [OP] right by our usernames (Members)... Well. Some members.
    Just wondering. Because it is beside mine too.
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