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  • sounds familiar, like a friend might have mentioned the name about someone from school or something but it doesn't ring any major bells in my head.

    have you ever heard the name corey lehner?
    holy s***! i used to live in Milwaukee! i moved out to Arizona a little over 4 years ago cause my parents found better paying jobs. it sucks though and i've been wanting to move back the hole time. what area in Milwaukee? i used to live in the Bay street area
    sort of my predicament. i turned 18 a while ago and lost my job which prevented me from moving out and i have suspicions my gf is cheating on me with my best friends brother. things don't seem to be going well for either of us huh?

    btw your 'location' used to say wisconsin and i've always wondered, where in wisconsin do you live?
    i don't have the mesns for either a voice or video chat. i'm posting from the Wii in my room. i don't even have a computer, i'm leeching off my neighbors internet signal(he's an idiot)
    Bummer.:( So, you trying to get it back and this time you're ready?

    For me, I'm lazy ass f^ck!:lol: Especially at school.:lol::lol::lol: But no matter how much I hate it, I try my best.:p
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