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    I got it But my live just ran out SmurfV1 if you wanna add me for now
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    Abortion: Right or Wrong?

    Off Topic: Elopez why in your avatar does the black man lose? tut tut tut :D On Topic: Yeah I agree there. The father shouldn't really have a decision in the abortion unless they're married (Which usually isn't the case, the two people aren't usually together) It's when she decides to have...
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    Xfire/Steam Thread

    Xfire: theninjasmurf Play: Call Of Duty 2
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    Is Skate 2 any good?

    I've not played However I think what is available online will be offline too
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    Abortion: Right or Wrong?

    If I was a woman and gotten pregnent. Fair enough my mistake but you should be granted to chance to abort and learn from your mistakes. Than paying the price and being (in most cases) an inept parent
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    Is Skate 2 any good?

    As Brownies said ask Smurf haha. I will try and answer the questions I saw where relevent It is definitely worth getting and it is NOTHING like ANY Tony Hawk game Don't let Tony Hawk games scare you away. Skate 1 set a new mark in Skateboarding games. Skate 2 has improved on this ALOT...
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    New forums/sub-forums

    PC Sports Gears Of War 2
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    How Old Are All The Wii Owners in Here

    Jesus christ. I've been here awhile now haha. 18 now :D (Reviving an old thread)
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    Broken things are broken - welcome to 2008

    A second Admin would be a nice idea but who can decide whos right for the job, Quite true. I have an addiction!
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    Broken things are broken - welcome to 2008

    I'm not sure what I've lost, That I care anyhow
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    Broken things are broken - welcome to 2008

    Are you keeping this layout. It looks awsome haha, Much better than before And can you change my name to EvilSmurf I no longer have a Wii haha Cheers I'll be back in a couple of days when hopefully this **** is sorted :D
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    Official Graphics Comments & Criticism

    Yeah :D Text is crap though. Gonna make a new one tonite I think
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    Official Graphics Comments & Criticism

    I like it. Most people will complain about the light but I like the darkness you've put into it The text I don't like, try to move it's position Other than that I do like it How about my latest?
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    Rock band for wii

    I got told it is compatible. My mate said it is [On his Xbox] And I see we've been shafted with no online again