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  • now it works, yay. that picture is pretty adorable.

    I suppose, yeah, going from what I've read.

    ...that game looks friggin weird.
    No :c

    I don't know very much about any of the characters aside from Flandre and Cirno to some extent. I do have a thing for insane characters, and she seems to be pretty unstable, so she'd likely be my favorite anyway. I also have a thing for diamond motifs.
    Link doesn't work.

    From what I know of the series my favorite 2ho is probably Flandre, but that could easily change when I actually get around to playing the games.
    Nope, just-plain forgot 'bout it. I'll reboot the discussion with a rebuttal eventually, but I can't be arsed specifically this moment.

    That, and even if I lost a supersrs debate 'bout competitive gaming, defeat is the only thing I'd accept, certainly not my opposition's point of view.
    T'would be a pleasant resting place.

    ... Seems I (obviously) forgot 'bout that competitivelucas discussion we were havin'.
    It's a good fighter, polished
    Still not used to it though, more of a Smash Bros person

    Though I am not willing to get a fight stick for it, so I guess that is already limiting. Controllers work though
    They're not really superior, I just like them a lot more :)
    Is that really a reason not to add someone? lol
    Having completed what I'm 90% sure is Rin's main route, I think it's nice. The story got pretty depressing after the halfwayish point, but I was told most of the other storylines aren't as sad.
    Gonna try to get Hanako's storyline going here. So far Emi is my third favorite character after Rin and Kenji, but I'm gonna do Hanako first since she's mysterious and my friend hates her for some reason, I'm rather curious to learn more about her.
    I dunno man. I haven't played that much yet, but it seems as if Rin is the superior cripple.
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