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  • character limit bleh

    ... On that note, what's so great 'bout Starcraft anyways? Assumin' you give a 'Karp damn 'bout it.
    I've spent as much time observing as I have been competing. Played competitive you-gay-hoes for four years (and none of the semi-competitive bullshit I spout as of late, I was a srs tournament player), from Metal Raiders 'til Cybernetic Revolution... and I'd still be playin' if money weren't an issue, but I s'pose that's a tangent. I've been watchin' competitive gaming on the youtubes for almost just as long. Smash 'n Pokemon obviously, but I've made it a point to study other games even if I don't play 'em. Mostly fighting games, but I've watched my fair share of competitive shooter, SRPG, 'n non-Yugioh TCG guff as well.

    Don't know what rule-less tournaments you've watched, but I personally don't recall any professional events where there's no rules, official or in-house. Ban lists, pre-game procedure, disqualification conditions, etc. Or am I misinterpreting what ya mean by rules?
    But ya don't literally mean you've spent more time 'round the competitive scene than I have, do ya?

    Oh, that's also nonsense. Even non-competitive players whine 'bout lack of balance, or take random lobbies retardedly srs: y'know, the players that rage over every little thing. There's a big difference between wannabes 'n sore losers (a sore winner is also a loser) and someone who enjoys competitive play for the fun of competition in itself. Don't judge the whole for the few, even if the few appears to be majority. Negativity is more easily spotted than positivity; the idiots come across ten times louder than the intellectuals.
    GigaRidley wanted to know if you were interested in the RP he's making. He's hoping that it'll be more successful than his last ones, he says he has some of his friends doing it, and MR might join too. It has a futuristic setting, but if you want more details you should probably lurk our convo a little.
    6 dollars seems a taaad expensive for that DLC, but I really don't care, so...and I suppose the fish part makes sense, considering the presence of a killer whale...

    Okay. Thanks. Also, do a fair amount of characters reappear from previous games in the series? Or just a few?
    Does the DLC take place before the 3rd or 4th place chronologically? And how much is it, anyway? I'll probably get it regardless, but still.
    Godot seems pretty cool, with his love of coffee and whatnot.

    Is it bad that I knew about all that already? Aside from the daughter part.
    I think I'm just going to get AA5 first. Technically I've never owned or fully beaten an AA game before, so it should be interesting. First one was watched on Youtube, second one was played partially because my friend made me play it, and that's it.
    Okay, Vaporeon was sort of random, but it was supposed to partner Flareon. Meinshao for Shulk was somewhat random too, I just thought it fit.
    Shulk: Xatu, Porygon-Z, Aegislash, Electrode, Mienshao, Vaporeon
    Fiora: Bisharp, Gourgeist, Cincinno, Florges, Durant, Flareon
    Dunban: Flygon, Greninja, Accelgor, Serperior, Kingler, Alakazam
    Reyn: Machamp, Quagsire, Sudowoodo, Scrafty, Drapion, Heliolisk
    Sharla: Clawitzer, Exeggutor, Wigglytuff, Magmortor, Pyroar (F), Aromatisse
    Riki: Slurpuff, Swalot, Noivern, Kecleon, Carnivine, Tentacruel
    Melia: Gardevoir, Druddigon, Aurorus, Jellicent (F), Whimsicott, Meowstic (M)

    That's enough for now... *yawn* I tried to pick things that fit them in some way, obviously.
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