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    NBA Thread

    Sorry, but I posted a NBA thread already.
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    The best of the Wii 2008

    o :P It's should be higher.
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    Broken things are broken - welcome to 2008

    Woah, i have like no posts and my accounts so diffrent!
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    Broken things are broken - welcome to 2008

    Wow, new site :p
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    The best of the Wii 2008

    where is animal crossing...
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    The official "Animal Crossing City Folk" Thread

    Since my old thread disapeared, I'm going to make a new one :) Chat away!
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    Recieved my Guitar Hero 3 Disc Replacement Form

    Guys 2 questions, 1. if you buy GH3 now, would it have stero? 2. Is their a diffrence bettwen monno and stero?
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    Wii Cord-Free (Wireless Nunchuck)

    Cool, only 3months old...
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    halo for wii

    Actuly, it would be the 10593868930013619036903683896016th 10 year old :P
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    List of Mii-integrated games

    What is a player icon for brawl, what?
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    halo for wii

    uhh let me think... No.
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    All Things Hockey

    Well they said that a circus was just their and the toronto players said the ice was horrible but still, poor Toskala.
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    Deca Sports Preview

    Again, no hockey...
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    Are these Charecters in brawl? It says megaman in brawl. I'm pretty sure this is not true but can you tell me if it is?
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    Nintendo needs to add these games to virtual console

    Diddy-donkey kong still have a chance because they are nintendo charecters. Thats like saying master cheif on wii.