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    Where can I get a cheap Super Smash Brothers Melee?(don't care used or new)

    You can steal a copy for You can't really get this game for cheap unless you go to a vintage shop or ebay. Every game store has them for too much money even when they're used. It's like a brand new game.
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    No More Heroes Ships Early

    Can't wait for this game.
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    Online name

    All games that are online let you create your own username for that game online when you first try to go online with that game.
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    Bully coming March 3rd?

    This game for the PS2 is great. Can't wait to play the new one for Wii.
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    Resident Evil 5

    Yah the movies do suck but now that it actually has the games characters and all that hopefully it'll be much better! And yah, UC's storyline is good and needs to be brought into more RE games!
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    Resident Evil 5

    There is a movie coming out in full animation: Check that out! It looks good. Trailer included and everything. It's coming out in 08
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    Resident Evil 5

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    Resident Evil Degeneration

    A new RE movie. This time it's all animation! Here's the official trailer:
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    wii deserve better...

    Yah :lol:
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    ds wii conectivity?

    Not sure yet. We'll find out sooner or later though!
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    Are Resident Evil games on Wii Co-Op

    RE: Umbrella Chronicles is but RE 4: Wii Edition isn't.
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    wii deserve better...

    True. Simply put!
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    wii deserve better...

    Oh no sorry if you got the wrong idea. The Wii has fantastic games. I'm just stating that they need to have more smash hit titles. Look back at my previous post. I fixed it up a bit. :lol:
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    chachs official Resident Evil 4 hints and questions Thread

    Here's info about the; --------Broken Butterfly----------- Weapon Type: Magnum Cost: 38000 PTAs Description: Even without upgrading it, the Broken Butterfly is an extremely powerful gun which packs quite a punch with each bullet. It's excellent for dispatching tough...