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  • I've been good thanks. I'm tired of winter though haha. It was really warm today and I wish it'd stay that way.
    Lol. It makes it mean more that way :p

    But I've been good, I'm in my last year of high school and I have no idea what I'm doing after this year. Work/College etc. I haven't decided.

    How's school and all that for you though?
    .....NUUUUUUUUU don't leave =(. I'm not sure what happened between you and Jill....so yea...but still, don't leave =(
    I remember our last conversation you were moving and stuff... how'd all that stuff go?
    What grade are you in again?
    Yea like i'm gonna forget you Steph..

    Stuffs been good, school's crazy.

    I really don't come here much anymore though, just the random checkup every so often.

    Whats new with you?
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