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  • A band is only as good as it's weakest link. Whether you're the star or not, you're still a part of the chain that holds together all the winsauce 'n such, yeah?

    lolno. I have but a single talent, which is indeed bein' a boss at video games. Thing is, that's not a notable talent. :p
    I only read anythin' to sate the craving for any way to preoccupy myself. Parents didn't allow anythin' else, so... Yeah. Nonfictionohgodhowboringcomparedtovideogames.

    Friendly security? That sure as ****'s a rarity in New York... Then again, friendly anyone is. :lol:
    Do officials give ya any bullshit over street performin'? I hear some cities just-plain ain't kind to one's freedom of (musical) expression 'n such.

    Yep, I definitely remember that dude. You let 'em hijack your account on more than one occasion IIRC, yeah?

    I've definitely heard of the comic, never been much of a comic lover though. Never had the chance to get into it as a kid since I was the epitome of strange and got a kick 'bout readin' these odd foreign writings one might call "non-fiction"... blehhhhhh
    Oh snap, I can see why that's excitin'. :lol: How much capital is required to borrow this studio? Can't imagine it's anythin' less than expensive.

    Also, where's the band's name come from anywho? Any interestin' backstory? >_>
    Aye. Even with a certain ionized Admin gone, problems can still happen... ._. Damnable hackers.

    Your band's got some legit tunes. If y'all level up a few times each, I can damn-well see a label pickin' ya's up for some official junk. On the topic of official stuff, hope that shindig goes good for ya, bro. :thumbsup:
    Wiichat is moar important than education, bro. Stick around awhile, yeah? ;D

    I'd imagine your band's got a website, yeah? Don't recall ya ever advertising it, so gimme some linkage.

    Wiichat's been better... Times are 'bout as bad as the '09 apocalypse even though activity has seriously been lookin' up over the past few months. This is all because of a random DDoS attack 'n some resulting glitches, which is causing problems with new members joinin' 'n such... We were steadily gettin' back on track to being a grand forum like we once were, slowly but surely, and then this happens. ;_; As a mod and a member, my heart aches for this forum.
    I've been... AFK! :p

    Been good in the grand scheme of things, really. Same old same old, my friend. As always. :lol: How's life treatin' you?
    y hello thar old friend old buddy old pal

    EDIT: I just noticed I said that in another visitor message on the same page. :lol: Apparently my level of stupidity hasn't changed over the past year.

    The forum's slowed down over time, but I'd say it's picked up in recent times. It's still not '08 booming, but if it ever is, it'l be a long time from now, lol. Get out there and help with said activity level, yeah? =)
    /late response
    nowai wmbq omfg.

    Why hello thar, ol' friend ol' buddy ol' pal! :D How ya been, dude?

    Yep, the newest mod on the team. Am I impressive or am I impressive?! /joke
    i soo tottaly hope so dude!
    it would be nice to talk to more metal heads. :/
    like that dorkfish guy. xD
    he throws down with jfac! xD
    jfac is from my home town so im like yay! xD
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