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  • Will do. I wrote a little something, a game idea. Spent a lot of time on it actually, not yet done. Won't be made into a game I know that but it was a good story to write, I could send you a link if you want
    That could be what I'm remembering lol
    Back when this site was full of members and it was moving strong
    first you should listen to annabel by alesana.
    im starting you off with mellow bands of different genres then youl work your way up...
    baby steps. xD
    if you enjoyed it listen to apology(same band) next..
    if you like it then will move on. =3
    its fun when your in a band like that. xD
    the crowds are so awesome at concerts!
    i shall make it my mission to try and get you into deathmetal. :3
    if its okie with you? xD
    fun to do to. xD
    ever thought of gitting into deathmetal type of stuff?
    like i declare war?
    or chelsea grin? :eek:
    haha dude if you can play an insterment well, you have tallent.
    and ya dude the band im in doesnt let me use my other screams..
    just my simple highs and lows. xD
    so i wanna start a heavier one. =3
    one were i can atleast have some pig squeals and gutterals in it. xD
    gotta love those gutterals. xD
    gotta respect the dead ones to.
    paul grey..
    god rest his soul...
    but ya kinda off topic lol.
    anywho...im gonna start a side project with my drummer..
    call it xmetalslugx. xD
    soo...you thinking of expanding your musical tallent to other bands? :eek:
    im into mostly deahmetal in genral. xD
    screamos for emos.
    but i know when a band has something good going soo...
    ill check it out...
    and if you can sing you can scream. xD
    it just takes time.
    ive been screaming for four years and im a monster at it.
    if i spent that much time singing ide ge just as good at that to. xD
    we are very fresh and still trying to find a ligit sound but people like what they heard from us. =3
    ill give you a link some other time.(on internet channel)
    ohh and the bass guitar is my dream insterment.
    im learning how to play it. xD
    dude! sweet! :D
    im lead vocalist(screamer)
    we do post hardcore with deathcore influences. xD
    i personaly only listen to deathcore, grindcore, and some post hardcore.
    so my screaming influences is chelsea grin, i declare war, and suicide silence.
    the bands musical style is a we came as romans (hate them) to a veil of maya type thing. =3
    how bout yourself
    thats my band in my avy. xD
    im only 15. xD
    ide kill to be a mod...
    or atleast get a red shroom. xD
    i have no life. xD (to me i dont)
    i might have to quit my band dude! Dx
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