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  • Nice chatting the other night! Hopefully Activison brings the GE servers back to life so we can get a few games in. It's been a while... :thumbsup:
    Hey yea yOu let's Play a game me and you. But if you're not down for that then lets have an all out clan war. My clan vs yours. Next week at 0600 hours.
    Yes, I am still interested in joining a clan, even at the age of 32 LOL... still weighing my options though. It nice to see that your clan is still so active, though.
    I just haven't had time to play goldeneye lately, but I will get on tonight and cograts on getting proxies.
    What's woadie my boy how are things in the hood. that Fantome X is from my clan X-Force he rocks but so do you so keep it up
    oh and this guy donw blow has my same last name,:lol: ha
    I can easily guard 2-3 flags at any given moment. I am excellent with a sniper rifle. And I'm a level 37. Longest streak 29. Kill ratio 3.37. Also good at flanking snipers.

    F.C. 1626-7848-7909

    add me! :mushroomlife:
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