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  • go 2 our web site cuz i was going 2 boost with u but another KC wanted 2 and thats why i put a free 4 all the 1 teamdeatchmatch just was 2 fight
    lol what time its there rigth now? of course ill help u to boost
    i just need like 31 headshots 4 my golden M1014
    Dude if u will plese help me boost i have a red tiger m16,bluetiger m4,blue tiger M4AO3 with acog i want a gold ak47 and a gold M60 ill be on about at 7 if u will help me boost thanks :p
    yeah good games i wasnt doing my best Though... lol i was using shotguns and snipers lol i have 69/100 headshots on the M1014 and sniper i dont have any scope but i had my golden M60 ;D my best weapon if u want to boost let me know
    hey im KC Darkfox add me my fc is 2028 6497 1323 write on my wall and post ur fc so i can add u to :p
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