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  • Some words are uncensored, yes. But just because ****'s uncensored doesn't mean we should go posting it in every sentence, yeah? :lol: Some kids do frequent the forum after all. If you're curious about a word being uncensored, just post it and see if it is or not; if it's not, it's fine to post. If it is censored, then that's that. Speaking of which, f*** is one of the censored words. :lol:

    Super Smash Bros. has been a fighting game favorite of nintendo fans since the N64. So good on ya, the recent addition of SSB Brawl is definitely worth looking into, bro. =) Unless someone absolutely hates fighting games, there's almost no gamer who dislikes it.
    Heya Yepi. I'd be happy to add ya, but my Wii's been unable to read discs for some time... =/ I'm more of a Brawl player than Mario Kart regardless. Sorry bro.

    I really do need to get it fixed... My Brawl itch is killin' me. =/

    Still on about that multiposting business, eh? :lol: Forget about it man, you've proven you're a good member. =) It's not like you've been spamming it up since then.
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