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  • QFT!!!! I'll send an invite next time I'm on. Things are well, hbu? Koopa just added you to this skype chat that we all visit quite often, since chatzy is dead. Hope to see you there!!
    True. But I've been putting WAY too much time and effort into this game over the last few months. And now after some bad apples ruined my attempt to bring the whole community together, I've realized something.....I need a GE vacation! There's a lot going on in my work and personal life right now that I just need to put the wiimote down and focus on.
    And no - I can't just "pop on" for a game or two off and on. I know I'm not capable of that! Not with this game anyway! LOL Two games turn into three, then three into six, and then I get my laptop out to go to a chat, and then I'm in there so long I need to get a power cord because the batteries die...it doesn't end. Before I know it, I've spent 5 or more hrs playing a video game...and this has been daily. In a way, what happened to "my" chatzy (I hate that reference btw) has proven something to me that I've totally been missing - my name is Steve, not TampaBondo. I need to spend more time as Steve, and not as "Tamps." GGs bud.
    Some mushrooms for you:
    Happy New Year Yoshi!
    HK. I've got u in my fc thing, unless u use different accounts.
    Have you been playing goldeneye recently? Because I never see you online any more.
    Pst, don't let Karp know.

    big brother is watchin

    Also Yoshi, you'd probably like t' know that you're s'posed to leave a message on the other person's profile in response. They don't get notifications if ya post it on your own lol. Visitor messages don't work like a thread.
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