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  • Hey I made a new Black Ops clan and I wanted to know if you want to be allies or not since I do not have any allies or enemies.
    I'll start (and probably finish) the site tomorrow, it's NYE today so I'm gonna be busy... I'll message you when it's done :)
    PS: What do you want the website name to be, eg codwii.com codid.com immortaldynasty.com idclan.com (remember that the shorter it is the better, but it must be at least 3 characters long.) Don't forget to check if it's taken, as someone else might already own it (to check, go here: http://www.checkdomain.com/ )
    I'm a web developer so I can create a pretty good looking site for you for free with chat, news, forum, etc... I'm also going to join your clan, my Name's Crux, k/d is above 1 and my code is: 2694-4334-5696 (that's Black Ops, but I've got MW:R and WAW aswell, don't remember the code atm) Hope to talk to you soon!
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