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  • u should come by :( were recruit again, id be glad to have ya back, im there alot, come by
    hmm, come by to rcwii.tk whenever u re visit this site, ToS never died, it was turned to eB, eB got hacked and now is RC, hope this helps
    Alright lads i need people to battle online so add is if you want cheers
    wii code for mario is 283610380836 screen name daddy
    wii code for cod waw is 034527382848 screen name keenan
    i havent been on my wii for like 2 weeks and yea i understand, iv been with my friends lately, but their doing band crap now so yea...its gay sometimes, but yea i dont even like my wii anymore :/
    philly went to jail and left me leader, so left me leader, he wants mav to be 2nd main boss but i have more power over him
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