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  • haha no to both questions lol, ive wondered before and enough people accuse me of being gay but i dont think i cud picture myself living with a man, whenever i think about my life i always picture a woman. and yh an all boy skool its really annoying hasa cuz i get on much better with girls, but i go to a really good skool it gets good grades =]
    really? wow, so it was really easy for you haha. I don't know what people would do if i told them i was bisexual, bt then again i go to an all boys school so they're not too understanding...
    im soo glad you open about it i was getting really worried i offended you haha. what wa sit like when people first found out? how did they react?
    yh good luck with your life =]. i just noticed your bisexual wow, how did you find out? sorry if this is really awkward for you :S
    haha i wanted to be a game designer at one point but ive always wante dto be a vet since i was rele young. are you on your summer holidays now then?
    wow im just from england rele boring haha. i wanna go to japan it looks like such a beautiful country and i wanna go to new york i wanna go to the top of a really tall building/hotel at night and look over at the cities lights becaus ei imagine it to be beautiful. what do you wana be when you grow up, do you wanna go to university?
    :O you never left that country. how comes? and whats your own country? x WOOHOO RAVES!!!!
    its not quiet unless you go out to the countryside then its nice i wanna live in the country side in england, but other than that there are just bad people, i should know ive been mugged twice =[. :O how can you not like the hot weather!? but i can see how you'd get tired of the city life, have you ever been to england?
    haha you shoudlnt beleive what you see in those films, but i love them they're amazingisnt california amazing? hot and sunny it seems soo beautiful i envy u xx
    haha y its not that great bad weather and bad people i dnt wanna live here, id prefer to live in california, i plan to move to canada wen i leave university.
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