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  • Works for me. Can't ask for more! :) Hope to see you there... you'll recognize some faces (check the member list), although some have come up with new usernames...

    You're going to have to eventually. This forum is falling apart since the admin has abandoned it, the mods have abandoned it, and it's being overrun by junk. Might as well make your posts count and place them somewhere that hasn't been abandoned. ;)
    This forum is already dead. :p
    You could always come over to the other forum. Check the homepage in my profile. Many WiiChatters are there already.
    nope iv not made one since the Break down of Wii chat.

    a long time ago. lol.

    but i have been thinking about starting it up again. soon
    but i probably wont for a while. maybe in a few weeks
    Yep he'll appear once there's something wrong again though lol
    Yea i'll probably do the same.
    Wiichat was my first forum after all :D
    idk he came back & said he was going to stay & then just vanished again :lol: (like always it seems)
    Omg yea i know i freaking loved the rep bar on top of my avy! i was finally becoming a rep big shot XD
    i didn't care at first but now i miss it :( :lol:
    Indeed those were good times.
    grrr ion :/ WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe that's why this site is dying as well :/
    No rep = disaster!
    I have no idea he basically just disappeared.
    & this was before the apocalypse so i don't think he's ever coming back.
    Either that or he changed his name(like everyone did that when ion was around again :lol: )
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