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  • Sure. Whenever you're ready today seems fine. Or tomorrow if you can't today.

    Haha, yeah. Funny thing is, I didn't play P:M for months once and I can suddenly beat my friends that I could never beat before. :lol:
    You definitely should. -_-* It makes your Friend Safari more useful. And then you can figure out what I'm talking about...
    GGs! Didn't notice you online until now.

    But why only four Pokemon? Also, you'd probably want to get rid of my Yveltal for something else before people start to rage-quit, lol.
    I knew about that, but I forget if I made the connection of them both being purple. Nice observation.
    OK, good. I will not be able to go on today until about 4:00 my time, because I am going ice skating for the first time with my friend.
    Hey! You seem cool, cause you like Zelda, Pokemon, and SMB :3 Add me on Mariokart? 4640-5545-0084) And by chance do you like anime :)
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