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  • u should add me 4 wii speak. it would be a lot easier 2 find each other in game. lemme know if ur interested...
    ya, i got wii speak & monster hunter tri, i havent played it online yet, but i hav hubdreds of hacks 4 it online
    My friend borrowed it for tha weekend...he claims his company must have taken it or he misplaced it or something
    u looking 4 mh3 wii speak users 2 add? u can add my fc's 2 ur list, which r on my sig/blog/about me. pm 2 let me know.
    Sorry na, not in that anymore. Ima get conduit 2 so ill be wiispeaking a again sometime.;)
    hey r u in a clan?if not join my clan [HeRO] im HeRO:proShot my FC# is 0993 3723 8064 this clan is also going 2 COD BLACK OPs.
    I dont have any of those games....actually, my Sig specifically says that I dont own any CoD games.
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