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    Analyst expect wii 2(wii reflesh)in 2011.

    Me too,could be this year E3/Tokyo game show. Nintendo France marketing romour...
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    UK Official ninty magazine now has nintendo channel called Nintendo TV

    Head over to your nintendo channel now for your weekly udates now.
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    WTF 3DS(DS2)more 360/PS3 ability than wii spec. could 3DS be also wii 2 or is Wii 2 soon on its way has prachter claimed and nintendo french employee Bluray claim...
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    New cheaper ps3 slim/360 slim and Blu-ray.

    I know a guy who works for sony near where i live and he repairs ps3's checking motherboards and checking and reloading software,He is himself is not a gamer but loves the job. Right he told me that they are working with a new smaller motherboard and that its for a new cheaper ps3,i asked him...
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    Retailer GAME-Sweden now preorder 3DS.
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    3DS rival-the PSP2 2010 E3 surprise. Who will steal E3?
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    Confirmed:COD Black ops for wii 9th November.

    Crossbow with detachable explosive arrow heads,John Rambo style'Dont push me'. I almost forgot,4 player co-op to boot. For the COD black ops trailer break down select here.
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    IWATA:On Wii successer/Social gaming/3DS.
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    Lack of wii 2 hurting Nintendo claim Prachter.. Prachter the gaming GURU?
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    StarFox wii coming soon?

    Nintendo power'Huge new title,July issue. WORLD EXSLUSIVE Nintendo reveal June 16th. Pikmin 3 as already been announced,F-zero or a really good online starfox game? place...
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    XBOX LIVE:is it becoming free?

    Ive heard and read rumours about a new black 360 slim with natal(blu-ray?)and free xbox live account to compete with ps3. Does any one know about this or comfirmed this. ATI/CPU Merged to lower costs.
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    E3 2010:360/PS3 games List Nice to see Killer instinct 3 in there aswell as XBLA James bond.
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    RUMOUR:Official Nintendo Magazine France,Red steel 3!

    Hope online play with co-op this time round.
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    Nintendo E3 media breifing.

    The same day as Sony. Move Vs wiimote,but wouldnt it be cool ninty blow sony away with 3DS and Wii 2? Ya gotta speculate to accumulate,let the war begin.
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    METROID Other M:M relieved.

    Game insite.
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    Conduit 2 better than The Conduit

    Why Conduit 2 better than The Conduit
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    wouldnt it be cool if Master Cheif joined body and mind with an elite,grunt like the movie for avatar in a future halo game.
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    Conduit:FC & Wii speakers

    Hi im looking for conduit players(MWR,MH3,Conduit 2,Ghost reacon wii)to team up and kick ass and to have a laugh. If you add me i certainly will add you,but i dont know if you have to add my Wii message number as well to use wii speak as well. Any conduit and conduit 2 clans out there let me...
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    Hi to all wii chatters

    Hi im looking forward to playing online and sharing news with wiichat users. im currently playing these games,MWR,MH3,conduit,SSBB,Tatsunoko vs capcom,Mariokart,Bomber man,Medal of honour heroes 2. looking forward to conduit 2,Ghost recon future soldier wii,SMG 2,other M. I hope to join up...