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  1. Byuakuya

    PS3 and TV confusion.

    Hey guys. I decided to create this thread so that I can receive some feedback on something that has been confusing my friend as well as myself. Since my friend is not a member of WiiChat, I thought I would ask the questions instead. I will try and break it up into smaller sections to make it...
  2. Byuakuya

    Swiss Trip

    Some of you guys know that I went to Swiss for a holiday a few weeks back. Well, I decided to post some pictures from the trip. I took a total of 457 pictures, but here are just 9 of them. :) NOTE: Feel free to use them for your own personal needs, but please do not post them on any other...
  3. Byuakuya

    Your very first Sig.

    I just had an idea, so I thought that I would create a thread. Anyway, if you still have a copy of your very first Sig, then post it here so that we can all see how much you have improved. I apologise if this has already been done. Anyway here is mine (yes, it does look very bad):
  4. Byuakuya

    Spider-man Games: "Old-School"

    I was looking for Spider-man games and reviews and I found this. The guy plays through some old Spider-man games. I thought it was kind of funny. Well, see for yourself:
  5. Byuakuya

    Your opinion on this

    I was going over google news and found this: Please no arguments, just your opinion.
  6. Byuakuya

    Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Trailer

    I am not sure if you guys have already seen it but here is the japanese trailer. tell me what you think.
  7. Byuakuya

    Long time no "see".

    Hey guys, I have not been on this forum for a while now becaue of damn exams. So I just wanted to know how your lives have been overall. Mine has been bad and getting worse.
  8. Byuakuya

    Wii phone

    hey i came across this while i was reading. check it out and tell me what you think.
  9. Byuakuya

    Find that character

    ok here it is: the first person is allowed to give only three clues. the following person guesses the character. simple. here is an example: -portly -moustache -plumber Answer: mario ok thats a bit easy but you get the point. let the guessing begin!
  10. Byuakuya

    Mii observation

    have you guys witnessed your mii's doing strange things? well post them here. here is what i saw today: i saw two of my random miis in my plaza having a conversation with speech bubbles and everything. i dont know if anyone else has already seen it but this is the first time i have seen them...
  11. Byuakuya

    Cube mode

    I never owned a gamecube but now i am playing mario sunshine on the wii. but since the remote doesnt work when the wii is in gamecube mode, how do you turn it off? do you press the power button once or do you hold it until wiiconnct24 activates. Press or Hold?
  12. Byuakuya

    Stars to Wii points latest info

    Hey guys, relating to the latest talk about the conversion of Stars to Wii points, I came across this in google news: "In one of those superb chains of rumours that goes around the Internet, DS-X2 are reporting that are reporting that German magazine N-Zone have come across the...
  13. Byuakuya

    Playstation brand influence

    Hey here is the story: I was over at a mate's house a while back and we were playing on his Wii (cause he got it first) and suddenly his uncle (non-gamer) walked in. He asked us if we were playing on "one of those 360 things" and we said no, THIS was much better. But before we could answer...
  14. Byuakuya

    Wii router channel

    i had my router set to channel 1 and wii-net worked great. then suddenly yesturday i got cut off the internet on my wii. i then i had reset the router to channel 11 and now i am fine again. has this happened to any of you guys? and what channel have you set the router to?
  15. Byuakuya


    When i was checking the news i found this. tell me your views and any possibilities for the technology.
  16. Byuakuya

    SD cards

    just wanted to find out what kind of SD cards and prices you guys bought. can you please list it like this: Name of brand Memory Price Purchased from thanks this could help out others make a choice about which SD cards work and which ones to buy.
  17. Byuakuya

    wii browsing

    right here it is: when i am browsing the web on my wii, i get this black stripe (like a letterbox) but only at the top of the tv. this is normal?
  18. Byuakuya

    online gamecube games using wii?

    ok i want to play phantasy star online which came out on gamecube but i dont have a gamecube but i have a wii. can i play this game online using the wireless conenction in my house?
  19. Byuakuya

    Red steel geisha mission

    hi guys i dont if this has been asked already but here is my situation: i just finished the geisha mission and went back to harry's bar. then instead of talking to another member i talked to the woman again and accidentally agreed to do the mission again. now i am stuck doing that damn...
  20. Byuakuya

    Red steel clicking

    sorry if this has already been asked but i keep hearing clicking or wiirring noise from the wii when playing red steel. mainly during cut-scenes. anyone else have this problem?