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  1. Mr. MR

    Smash 4 AT Thread

    Thread for posting Advanced Techniques Because I want a place where I can quickly find them and talk about them exclusively
  2. Mr. MR

    Pokémon Bimonthly Challenges

    This new generation has given us new Pokémon, new Strategies, new Breeding Mechanics for easy IVs, Hoard Battle for easy EVs, and the Bank so our Pokémon will be with us for every generation, so why not take advantage of this and do Bimonthly Battles. The Bimonthlies are going to be a series of...
  3. Mr. MR

    WiiChat End of the Year Awards 2013: Nominations

    Here we go again. No giant banner for this one unless you guys want one. When voting for any People catagory, you may only vote for any WiiChat Members active in 2013. Here is a link to the results of last year: Ok here are the rules:You can ask for a category to be put on Please vote for...
  4. Mr. MR

    The O-Power Request Thread

    If you find yourself in a predicament or unable to use an O-Power at a particular time, you can request such a boost from your friends by letting them know here. Find a Shiny? Post here to let your friends know you need a Capture Power. Need more money? Request for a Prize Money O-Power. In a...
  5. Mr. MR

    SEGA and Nintendo Partnership

    The last Nintendo Direct revealed that SEGA is partnering up with Nintendo to bring the next 3 Sonic games exclusively to the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. What does this mean? Hopefully it means Nintendo will help SEGA with the Sonic franchise revive. Also if this partnership is successful, could...
  6. Mr. MR

    Project M Discussion Thread

    Project M - Discuss Challenges are permitted. Asking for friend codes is not. There is a difference. If you want to exchange friend codes go here: Project M 2.6b slash textures can be found...
  7. Mr. MR

    WiiChat End of the Year Awards 2012: Results

    Sorry it took so long... The Best Most Valuable Member 2012: Splash_King and Mr. MR Best Most Active Admin 2012: WERAnumbers and smalltowngirl13 Best Moderator 2012: DBloke Most Active Member 2012: DBloke, Splash_King, Mr. MR, TampaBondo, and Tragnight Best Poster 2012: Splash_King and Mr...
  8. Mr. MR

    Talk Behind the 'Karp Mod's Back Thread

    When the 'Karp's away the other members play
  9. Mr. MR

    Brawl Friend Codes 2013

    In the spirit of keeping up to date, I present a thread for Super Smash Bros. Brawl friend code sharing. Obey forum rules. Also, if you havent heard of Project M the Brawl mod, you should try it out. Most of the competitive Smash players here only play it.
  10. Mr. MR

    WiiChat End of the Year Awards 2012: Nominations

    Apparently it's a tradition... Anyway, I think we can have some fun here in remembering the good times we had during this year. You can nominate any member for anything. Such as: I nominate Splash_King for being the Laziest Mod. Please don't get offended by the nominations *cough* HyruleZing...
  11. Mr. MR

    Thread of Smash

    General Smash chit-chat Any Super Smash game Anything Super Smash I don't care if a thread like this already exists
  12. Mr. MR

    The Moveset Thread

    Now the longest post on Wii Chat. Wish a character was in the Super Smash Bros. series? Then make a moveset of that character or see if it is in our giant collection. This thread is a compolation of fan movesets of any character they want to see as a playable character in the Super Smash Bros...
  13. Mr. MR

    Magic the Gathering explained

    This is the first of many posts. If you have questions please comment. The first thing you need to know about MTG is the five colors. Those colors are Green, White, Blue, Black, and Red. Each color is associated with certain elements and other things. For example Blue is associated with wind...
  14. Mr. MR

    Countdown From 10

    Rules: 1 post per person No posting after 1 Make the number look awesome (pictures and stuff) You can't post more than 1 number in a single post (having two pictures of the number one) If you post something with the number you have to say what it is You cannot post what someone else did (If...
  15. Mr. MR

    The Legend of Korra Thread

    This tread is dedicated to Legend of Korra Post any theories, speculation, what you want to see, or anything Avatar
  16. Mr. MR

    What is your favorite "kung fu" movie?

    Mine is Ip Man
  17. Mr. MR

    Will the Wii U's Internet Stay Free?

    Well online play for the wii is free, but will that change with the wii u?
  18. Mr. MR

    Post .GIF's YOU have made

    Post .GIF's that you created Meaning you did not find them on the internet