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    Why are Zelda dungeons temples?

    I've been in a fair few temples in my time- a couple Hindu, one Buddhist- and honestly, none have ended with me having to fight a massive spider OR involved me collecting keys and weaponry. So why are dungeons called temples? Do any Hylians actually worship in them?
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    Yo. Let me explain. I am sixteen years old and I am 5'6" tall. However, over the past few months, I have become very self conscious about my height. Every time I go out and pass people (especially girls) taller than me, it gets me down. If I turn on the news, it disheartens me to see soldiers...
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    British English vs American English

    English is the de facto world language and the third largest language in the world in terms of first language speakers (the largest spoken in the world if you include second and third language speakers). English largely owes this honour to the success of the British Empire and the 'superpower'...
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    Is this racist?

    I found this another forum I was browsing on. Needless to say, it drove me insane. For the sake of the ethnic group, I have edited out their identity. '-' dnoted them. The real shocking thing was that when I tried to bring racism charges to an administrator about him, they refused to do...
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    How Many Countries Have You Been Too?

    Yet another completely unrelated thread from myself. How many countries have you been to in your lifetime? I've been to: England- All around. The golden shoreline of Cornwall to the green pastures of Northumberland. Wales- Been to Cardiff, and, more recently, beautiful Pembrokeshire. Ah...
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    Virgin brothers

    I'm not going to lie to you- this time last month, I was a virgin. Looking back, I can see how different my life was then. The skies were greyer then, the air colder, the people I saw everyday uglier. It's funny how my perspective of life has changed so drastically. Then, recently, I got into...
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    Do Americans say 'mate'?

    'Mate' is one of my favourite views to use. All my friends use it. Most of my family use it. Truth is, I've never, ever heard an American use it. Here in Britain, and Australia, 'mate' is used a lot of the time to show someone you're their friend. Are Americans even conscious of the word?
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    Easily one of the greatest stories in English literature ever to be made. I hear the film is coming soon, (2009), and cannot wait. This book really has altered my perception of the world for the better.
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    Feminism- your views

    Whats are your views on feminism? Hmm, I suppose feminism is good in mild doses, but extreme feminists make themselves out to be justs as sexist as the people they're fighting against. Discuss.