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    do you like the new check mii out channel

    I like it but i was hoping for more of a mii plaza kind of thing where you control your wii.ohh well
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    is the wii pointer in mario galaxy Jerky

    Im getting this for christmas and my couch is 11 feet from my tv so its a little jerky so do you think i will need to move a chair like 5 feet away or no?
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    wii pointer Jerky.Please help me

    This is not a huge problem but it gets annoying after a while and can efect the gameplay.Ok so when i twist the wii remote the cursor goes shooting all over and there apears to be 2 cursors flickering.I usualy sit about mabey 10 feet from the tv on the couch and even though im like 13 i have a...
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    Hey guys I havent been on here in forever lol.Well im back

    Sorry i havent been on in like 3 plan to post here a lot more often from now on.
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    funny video

    check out this pretty funny video that me,myfriend,and his friend made a while back. Anyway tell me what you think!:thumbsup: ohh and the director obviously wasn't professional lol!
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    A awsome flash game

    oops sorry I forgot this wasnt allowed but the game is called theres two wires?
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    Message under name

    How do you change the message under your name like right now mine is wiichat member but some peoples are different so how do you change it?
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    Lucky number lottery

    The rules are simple I start by saying 1 then the next poster 2 and so on. If the poster in front of you says 50 or 100 and so on then dont post anything. I will think of a number and see what user typed that number. If you get picked your name will be posted and I will put it on the...
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    animal crossing party

    Post your friend codes here and we will have a party at 7 pm on the 1st of June.
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    Spider man 3 wii controls

    I was thinking about renting this game because of the bad reviews but I figuired I would give it a shot. The only thing that im realy worried about is the controls. If anyone here has played the game for a good amount of time then could you give me a heads up on how the controls work? I would...
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    strange light

    I just got done downloading the internet channel and now the light is yellow. Is this normal? It maay have happended because it froze and i had to turn it off but nother than that i want to know if this is normal.
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    new website

    Sorry guys I didnt realize that was advertising and im sorry for the spamed topic.
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    Weird batterie power

    Umm... does Nintendo make the wiimote like magic or something? Because I think its realy weird that a wireless motion sensing controler that uses aa batteries last for over 30 hours. When I use aa bateries on my gamboy advanced it last for like 2 hours and there isnt much of a difference in...
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    Virtual console info

    I would like to know which ones are good so I dont waste any points so someone list all the games here and what the good ones are.
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    Wii Sports Rankings

    I know this has been made before but I couldnt find it anywhere and I searched so I figured I would just make my own. This is a contest to see who is the best at Wii Sports in Wii Chat. Enter all of your rankings for every sport and I will post them on the board. I will not need evidence and I...
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    Monkey Ball 2 player

    For Christmas I got a wii and this is one of the games I got the heck do you set up the second controller to work on the game?
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    Wario Ware

    I think this game will well ware out realy pun intended.I want to see any videos or hear any pros or cons on this game!:incazzato:
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    Zelda good?

    I want to know if this game is good.It looks great from what ive seen and im getting it.Tell me good things about it please!(no spoilers)
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    Tell what your mii looks like here.I dont have a wii yet but when i get one i will post it here.
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    Im new here and would like some pointers on how not to get banned.:rolleyes: