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    The Celebrity Thread

    All discussion on ANYTHING to do with celebrities should go in this thread. This may include but is not limited to: * posting of appropriate pictures of celebrities. * celebrity news.
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    3 reasons why I should get MSC

    I was thinking planning to buy have it! But feel free to name your top 3 reasons why someone should get MSC. :p
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    Words you associate with WiiChatters

    Sovieto: russia, piranha deity_link: majora's mask, purple squall7: final fantasy, gunblade surfinrach: beach, board, england almo: elmo scream: ghost, scary movie minto: tic tac The_Loose_Cannon: law, moderator, gun Battles: stadium Dumbass_Luigi: mario party, pipe Darkprinny: penguin, black...
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    Your favourite SSBM map(s)?

    Mine would have to be the final destination and the Zelda maps.
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    What's the last thing you purchased?

    Just bought a new phone.
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    This or that?

    Out of the two choices available in the previous post, pick one. Then post two for the next poster. Example A: black or white? B: black hot or cold? etc. DS or PSP?
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    If you could have one superpower...

    What would you choose? I'd want the ability to teleport anywhere at anytime. :D
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    Discuss anything related to sleep here. Here's a barrage of questions to get you in the mood of the topic, you don't have to answer all of them. This is a discussion, not an interview. :) How many hours of sleep do you currently get on average? What time of day do you sleep? How many hours...
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    Contact Moderators Forum

    With the recent issue of reporting posts, here is my proposed idea that has been used on a forum that I used to post on and has been great success. Note that I have used that particular forum in all my illustrations. Anyway, here's how it will work: Basically, you have a "Contact Moderators...
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    Word Association

    Rules: post ONE word that somehow relates or associates with the previous poster's word. For example, Member A: fruit Member B: apple etc... House P.S I am aware of an existing thread of the same game but it is too old to bump/continue.
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    The longest period of time in which you didn't check your reputation?

    If I remember correctly, approximately one day. xD
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    Connection question

    The setup that I'm currently considering involves connecting my wired router to my wireless router, which will then transmit to my wii on the other side of the house. My question is: are there any other things I need to do to set up the connection between the wired and wireless router other than...
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    What's your occupation?

    I'm currently unemployed, studying in university full time.
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    What's your gender and sexuality?

    I am a straight male.
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    Any NWN players here?

    Just curious, as I just got nwn 2 recently and going to start playing it sometime soon. If there are a few of you, then maybe we could get a Wii Chat clan/group going. :p
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    The Mii Photo Album

    I'm pretty sure most of you would have created a Mii that looks like you. In this thread, all you need to do is take an on-screen picture of it, upload it to your PC, then upload it to a hosting site like imageshack and finally post the link here. I will update this post on a daily basis. Simply...
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    Your favourite combos!

    Bosses: 3 slashes followed by a spin attack. General: - iron boots + multiple jump attacks (this is deadly!) - helm splitter followed by spin attack.
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    Origin of N'cha

    I've seen a few members like Nintendocam and Prez post them on the forums, mostly as a greeting in the intro forum. I was just wondering: 1) Is it just a way to say hi or is there a deeper meaning behind it? 2) Where does the saying come from?
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    Forest Temple Walkthrough

    _________________________________________ Introduction With a lot of frequently asked questions in this forum regarding the forest temple, I decided to compose a complete walkthrough which virtually contains everything you need and want to know about the temple...
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    Need some help

    This is my setup at home: I have a wired broadband connection with my main pc in one room. Across the house (about 30ft) in another room is my Wii. What are the possible options I have to connect my Wii to the net? Also, would it be possible to connect using the WiFi USB connector? (I...