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    Anyone have experience with a SNES controller- USB Smartjoy?

    I bought a Smartjoy SNES to USB controller hub. I use ZNES and it said the only thing you do is plug it in...but no buttons are responding. Any ideas?
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    Post photos of any Nintendo-related items/toys you have

    I was inspired to create this thread because I love my own Nintendo stuff...and I was wondering if any other people collected Nintendo merchandise. I'll start with a few photos I have all sorts of stuff, but that's a small sample. Anyone want to join in?
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    If you had one day left to live...

    If you were told that tomorrow would be your last day of living, what kind of stuff would you do?
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    The last supper--Nintendo style

    A friend of mine showed me this...personally, I found it a bit funny...but I do realize it is in somewhat of bad taste...take it however you want, but I thought it was worth sharing Note: new link
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    Can anyone help me out?

    Hey all- I have a hard time trying to pinpoint the problem my Wii has...but I will try to explain it to you to the best of my ability. Here is an example. I am playing SSBB in the Subspace mode...and from time to time, when I will enter a door into a new level my game will just restart...
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    Wii Tennis at the Oscars

    Did anyone else get a chance to see that awesome game of Wii tennis played on that GIGANTIC screen at the Oscars tonight? Must have been quite the gaming experience! Sorry if that was lame, but it certainly entertained me...and I haven't posted in a while so.... heh.
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    No More Heroes...awkward katana?

    So, I picked up my copy of No More Heroes a few days ago, and I love it. BUT...does anyone else find the process of having to recharge the katana after every couple swings...a bit...inconvenient? I seem to only notice it when I am swarmed by enemies, but still...not a fan of the whole...
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    EA gives Rock Band Wii a "No"

    I'm not sure if anyone else saw this article, but it was a bit depressing for Rock Band Wii hopefuls.
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    Metroid Virgin

    Sorry for the strange title, I guess I needed a hook. Haha. Anyway, I can't believe I am admitting this, but in my nearly 19 years of life and 16 years of gaming, I have not ONCE played a game from the Metroid series. Seeing as that I wish to go into the gaming industry/Nintendo company...
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    Sorry to ask again...

    Hey everybody, I feel bad for doing this, but I started a thread a few days ago containing a question I held about Wii connectivity, but I got no responses. I would really appreciate some feedback because I go back to college in a few days and would like to solve the problem before I do...
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    Strikers Newbie Question...

    I just picked up a copy of Strikers yesterday, and I had a quick question for all you wiichatters. I am by no means a beginner when it comes to Nintendo, I've been playing all my life. However, I am finding this game EXTREMELY hard to follow, and often lose track of my players on the screen...
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    Game selections

    When you are choosing a game from the VC to download, do you usually pick one that you already own, or one that you enjoyed...but never actually owned? I tend to lean toward ones I never have had before...but maybe that's just me.
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    Nintendo Power

    How many of you wiichatters are subscribed to Nintendo Power? Just curious...and if not Nintendo Power, which gaming magazine? Personally, I have been an NP subscriber for 12 years now :crazy:
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    Midnight Release

    My assumption would be that there will definitely be a midnight release for SSBB, anyone know any official info on it? If so, I am so there! :smilewinkgrin:
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    One of Nintendo's greatest mysteries....

    Can anybody help me out? I am totally confused. Okay, so we have Bowser Jr.. He's been in a few games and been the tricky accomplice to his father, Bowser. There are several examples that prove Peach to be the mother of Bowser Jr.. Bowser Jr. is very protective of his mother....most...
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    The biggest disappointment in a game?

    With all the excitement of the Wii's release, I am sure some of us went crazy and bought some questionable games, and were a bit disappointed to shell out 50 dollars for a game that just sits there now, thinking it'd be something spectacular. Anyone have a game they bought, and wish they didn't?
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    Can anyone relate to my scenario: Sitting down, enjoying your Mario Galaxy Experience...when it finally occurs to you : THIS SOUNDTRACK IS AMAZING! It is unlike anything I have heard on a video game (especially a Mario one). It makes the gameplay THAT much more enjoyable.
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    Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles...HELP!

    Hi all, I recently picked up a copy of Resident Evil umbrella chronicles and I am stuck, embarrassingly (ehh, is that a word? oh well) enough on the first boss. The...scorpion...lobster...mutated...type thing. Let me just say, I am by no means a stranger to first person shooters, or the...
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    College internet connection problems

    Hi all, I am new to the forum ( you can see my introduction post in the introduction thread) I had a quick question... At my college, the server requires you to authorize your identity with a username and passcode before you can even be connected to the wireless internet. The entire...
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    Hello from a Nintendo obsessed female!

    Hello all, My name is Ashley and I write to you from good ol' Indiana. Like my title suggests, I basically live for Nintendo. I own each system with a great variety of titles ( but I always hold a place in my heart for Mario games the most!) I am a college student majoring in magazine...