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  1. SenorLopez

    Ask a Question and Get The Wrong Answer

    found this game on another forum Rules: We can just ask any question and you can answer it in anyway. Never give the right answer, just silly ones. You also have to ask a question after you answer. Try to relate your question to wii or video games/pop culture in general...
  2. SenorLopez

    Link/Midna fanfic?

    I heard that someone wrote an *ahem* inappropriate Link/Midna fanfic. People keep telling me about it, but I can't find it. Where is it? I'm kinda creeped out by it, which makes me even more interested in it.
  3. SenorLopez

    Cant Wait

    I won 100 dollars in a contest so as soon as I get the money in the mail, I'm gonna go and buy a DS. Should I get a regular or a lite? I know a lite is over 100$, but I have extra money to cover it. So which should I get? And what games, besides Phoenix Wright?
  4. SenorLopez

    I Really Need Help, zone 4-4.

    I'm in that zone with all the upside down and wall-walking stuff. I have the Official Nintendo Strategy Guide, and still can't figure it out. It says I need to get to door G, which is at the top left of the long room with 4-5 doors in it, but there's no way to jump to the door. What do I do?