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    My Hammers Dont Work!

    I am trying to complete all the chalenges. i am reallllllllly close. today, i decided that i was never going to beat boss battles on intense, so i tried to use my hammer on it. and nothing happend... is this a glitch? the box is red. Did i have to do it while it was blue? what do i do if there...
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    Cool And Funny SnapShots

    Use this thread to post some funny snapshots YOU have taken. Later i will post some of my own snapshots, and an explination on how to upload your snapshots to Wiichat.
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    Brawl Pictures, To Computter Pictures?

    i relized a little while ago, than when u take a snapshot, it wont show it on your computter. is there a way that i can make the picture show up on my computter, without having to take an actuall picture of my screen?
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    what time does gamestop give out the game?

    Ive called my gamestop, a couple times, to talk to many people to ask them when they are going to acctually, start selling the game. I have gotten ALOT of answers. the weird thing is... most of them said 10:00. I dont understand, what happens at 10:00??? (and please dont think im stupid, ive...
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    Make Your Own Stage NOW!

    this is a really cool program, that lets you create your own stages! check it out! and post some of the stages youve made - My stages-
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    Great Idea

    they should sell actual SSBB trophies. They wouldnt have to make all of the trophies, but if they sold 10 character trophies, i would buy some. Would you?
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    What Are You Doing For Brawl?

    Post what you are doing to celebrate brawl! tell us about ure party, what ure gonna do, ext. i will start by telling you mine. I am having 4 friends over on march 8th, at 5:00. We are going to drink, redbull and play wii untill 10:00. than my dad is going to drive us to game stop at 10...
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    Rival Vs. Rival

    This is a thread, where you get a rival and faceoff with them when brawl comes out. IF there is a wiichat user, who u think is talking to much Smack, than challenge them by saying " I WANT (USERNAME) TO BE MY RIVAL" if they accept i will put your names on my list. Also use this thread for...
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    Hand Drawn Brawl Signitures

    Just fill out the information below, and ill start to draw your signiture! I am kind of a good drawer. i am mainly doing this because i am "training" for an art compotition. !BRAWL ONLY SIGNITURES! Fill this information to request your sig 1. Colord Pencil, or Marker, Or just pencil 2...
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    Smash News! (UPDATED EVERY WEEKEND) (SPOILERS) WARNING TO ALL, THIS THREAD WILL CONTAIN MANY SPOILERS! PROCEED WITH CAUTION Welcome to Smash News! A thread i will update everyweekend day, and sometimes even fridays! This is going to be similar to a "book" about smash bros, and a little bit...
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    Download Characters For Brawl WONT HAPPEN! (NO SPOIL)

    Its takes so much space just to download a VC game. They will not have downloadable characters. It would take up nearly all of the space on your wii. I am not against this at all, i think it would be awesome to play as other characters that didnt make it in. but its not happening... Imagine...
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    Who is Waiting (NO SPOILERS)

    who is going to wait for ssbb to come out, and not look at the roster, before it comes out. im just wondering, and i want to know whos doing it. PS- Please nonone ruin the surprise for the people doing this and yell something dumb out like "OMG! "insert character name here" is a new...
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    Rumor about assist trophys

    my uncle who lives in japan, just picked up SSBB this moring. He told me that its awesome, and that the game is extremely fun. he told me one thing, that sounded great... but it sounded fake. he said that if u are a spectator in any match (online), than u can control and assist trophy...
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    Monday... A sad day for all Gamers...

    as we all know, ssbb was originaly going to be released on december 3rd. which is monday... This is a sad day. Please put ure heads down in scilence, and think about how awesome it would have been to have it be released on monday.
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    anyone play? i hardly play but i was just curious if anyone else did. if so what level are u?
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    Am i The ONLY one whos excited for Wii Zapper?

    i cant wait for links crossbow, training. Is anyone else excited?? It came out today. Im going to get it on the 22nd
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    How should i get hyped?

    for some weird reason my hype for brawl has gone down. can you guys please tell me some ways that i can get my hype back? :smilewinkgrin:
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    What would you do if brawl was delayed AGAIN

    First of let me say, that brawl was not delayed again. And i highly doubt it will be delayed again. With that said let me start. What would you do if brawl was delayed past febuary 10th? Would u hide, scream, wet ure pants, write an angry letter? Im just wondering what you guys would do...
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    Links Crossbow Training OR Super Mario Galexy

    i know that whoever doesnt read this whole paragraph will post something like "ZOMG!!! Get gAlexy!!!!!! ITS WAY BETTER!!! OMG!" Please read the whole thing, it explains what i like. I really dont know what to get, i can buy 1 game, and im not sure which one. I really didnt like sm64, but i think...
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    Magazine Committee!

    Today i found out that i won a contest for my school, and the prize is that i can make a themed magazine!!! This is a hudge deal at my school, because i am now in charge of raiseing money from selling a magazine that i create. My idea is that mabey some people on this fourm can help me out...