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    Looking for WoW players on Ravenholdt

    Well since there is no PC gaming, or general gaming forums I'll post here. Just about everyone looks here. If anyone plays Horde on this server let me know. Looking to find some people to quest and run instances with. And our guild is currently recruiting. Thanks d00dz ^_^ ~ Sidragasum...
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    Lewis Black's - The Root of All Evil

    So when I found out Lewis Black was getting his own show on Comedy Central I was real excited. If anyone doesn't know who he is, he's a political comedian, who kinda hit it big on Comedy Central as a correspondent on the Daily Show with his own segment called Back in Black. He has 3 or 4...
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    State Radio?

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this band before. If you're a fan of Dispatch then you would like them...considering 2/3 of the band is dispatch. I found them on Last FM and though they were really good. Then I saw a flyer for a show and went with my friends....They were...
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    Only 5 bands

    me and my friends were having this discussion. Thought I would ask you guys what you think. If you were stuck on an island and could only listen to 5 bands for the rest of your life. What 5 would you pick?
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    My rRock Band add-ons.....lemme show you them

    What songs, if any have you guys downloaded for Rock Band? I got: Wonderwall - Oasis Roxanne - Police Buddy Holly / El Scorcho - Weezer Fortunate Son - CCR Hard to Handle - Black Crowes Also, does anyone know of a list of future releases. I hear there is going to be some Nirvana...
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    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

    I'm back, fools! I don't know if there is a new crowd around here since I've been gone, if any of the vets that would remember are even left here, or if anyone even noticed I was gone in the first place...but regardless I'm back! lemme's been a while since I've posted. I got real...
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    Just got back from the midnight premier of Cloverfield. Wow is all I really have to say. I love how it was done, and for single camera takes and stuff the effects were amazing! I highly recommend going to see it
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    changing GT

    ok so my free month of Live I got with my 360 is almost up and I need to get a new card. If I get a new gammertag and change my name....will i loose all my stats and ranks. Like will I have to start from lvl 1 on COD?
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    Pens Vs. Sabres: 2008 Winter Classic!

    Anyone else watching the game? Even if you're not a hockey fan this a sweet game to watch. This is the first regular season outdoor game to be held in the US (they have had one or two in Canada) So far, the second period just started and the Pens are up 1-0 on the Sabres. Score by (my boy)...
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    player failed to load content

    Ok so I just got my X-box and I rented Halo 3 from the local movie place. I try playing Campaign and when it starts to load it tell me "Player failed to Load content" then "cannot start game" Does anyone know what the deal is? I called Tech support and nothing.
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    Just got my 360 and.... (Halo 2 question)

    So I got my 360 (FINALLY!) and I didn't have the money on me to buy Halo3 or COD4 so right now I'm trying to get Halo2 online. Am I going to have to download all these effing map packs before I can play? And do they still play the classic Halo 2 maps? I've never owned an X-box, the...
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    Hints for crappy MoH players

    I've thought about it and it seems like a lot people on MoH just aren't good FPS players. They don't have what me and my friend coined that "FPS sense." It just seems like a lot of people on MoH don't understand some of the basic strategies of FPS games. So if you find yourself sucking the...
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    MOH2:H handle exchange

    Wow it feels good to not have to type "Friends code exchange" So i know a lot of people are trashing it. But if you're like me and still think it's a pretty good game and want to find some people from the boards who play online, post your Online Handles here. Me? I'm "BulletTooth"
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    GH3 or BWii

    So I played some poker this weekend and I made enough to get a new game. planning to preorder something at my Local GameStop. GH3 and BWii are two games I've been looking forward to for a while. One I can get now, one I'll have to wait until i get some more money. Which do you think is...
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    BWii online?

    I've been looking and everything I've found are articles from 2006. So what's the final word on Online for BWii, since it's going to be out soon? If there is online, is it going to be just co-op in missions.....or are you going to be able to go head-on-head and fight your friends?
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    What's a good set of desktop speakers?

    I'm looking to get a nice pair of desktop speakers for my Laptop. Cause let's face it...Laptop speakers just don't cut it. Does anyone know of any good sets they can suggest? I'm thinking along the lines of a 3 piece (two tweeters and a sub woofer) So far the only set I've found is the...
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    Crocs? yes or no?

    Does anyone wear them? Honestly for the longest time I hated them. I think they look like crap and everyone and their mother has a pair. Until two days ago when a friend let me try their pair on. I walked around the room and said "F*** that, I'm ordering a pair" I don't care that i...
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    New iPod I feel kinda dicked over by apple. It's just an iPhone without the phone and it's $400 for 16 gigs. I don't need all the internet browsing and ****, I have that on my phone. I'll stick with my 5th gen. What do you think?
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    DCI - Drum and Bugle Corps International

    Are there any DCI fans out there? If you don't know, check out for information. Marching band without all the crappy instruments (woodwinds). These guys are the best of the best. For people who think marching band is for "un-athletic nerds" just check out some DCI stuff. I've always...
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    Oh Jack. I hate you so much. If you haven't seen it already check it out. This man calls himself an attorney? Those last few emails weren't very professional.