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    Super Mario Galaxy Trial Galaxy Stars

    Dusty Dune Galaxy and Battlerock Galaxy
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    fake games!

    LOL he looks constipated!:lol:
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    A question in Fountain SMG...

    ^ Incorrect. Luigi gives you two green stars. One in Battlerock and one in Good Egg.
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    just got game yesterday 55stars

    I have 50 stars, and I unlocked the Trial galaxies. I think it is the best game on Wii.
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    Does anyone else find this incredibly boring?

    It isn't short, you don't even have all 242 stars!
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    Does anyone else find this incredibly boring?

    You only played two levels and you're bored? That's sad. Really sad. Anyway, you need to play more or else you'll have SMG just sitting there collecting dust.
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    Naruto shippuden?

    Sakura isn't weak, trust me. She's been training under Tsunade, and becomes way more powerful than before. Just watch the battle against Kakashi in Shippuuden. Oh, and it's Kyuubi, attempts, and Bijuu.
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    rate the Avatar above u

    Meh...8/10 It's a bit strange.
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    What game should I get for a 11 and 12 year old?

    I suggest Super Mario Galaxy or Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. I only say that because I don't have Brawl.
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    Mario and Sonic - Javelin technique

    You have to hold A and B to be able to throw the javelin. I wouldn't suggest waiting until you're at the foul line. Throw it when you're 2 cones from the FL.
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    Wii Disk will not load. HELP!!!!!!!

    Did you insert it in the right direction?
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    Mario and Sonic - Javelin technique

    Hold A and B, then swing the Wiimote down.
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    wii sports pack

    It really only affects how sharply it turns,and the speed of the ball.
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    rate the Avatar above u

    10/10 Go Kakashi-kun!
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    rate the Avatar above u

    9/10 Mostly because it's purple.:yesnod:
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    Rate the sig above you! w00t!

    10/10 Naruto rocks! Dattebayo!
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    Rate that Signature!

    Oh, I didn't see it. Sorry.:blush2:
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    Rate that Signature!

    It does? I never saw one. I even searched when I created the topic. It came up with no results.
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    Rate that Signature!

    It's the new forum game that's sweeping the nation! It's Rate That Signature! And herrreeesss gaara girl! Thank you, thank you. Okay the rules of this game are: Rate the above poster's signature. No random off-topic posts. Okay, have fun!
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    rate the Avatar above u

    10/10 Kakashi-kun is so hot!