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    Madden 08 online help!!!

    No one knows aye? Ohhhhh anyone?
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    Wii - Madden 08 Tournament

    Ill join as Tampa Bay but first I need to resolve my online connection trouble. View my thread to help!
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    Madden 08 online help!!!

    When I go into the lobby and create a game and a guy joins the game and then I go "start" it says some connection crap blah blah blah. So I think to myself "ok, ill join someone elses game". So I join another persons game and click "ready". Same thing happens. I click play now, it tries to...
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    Madden 08

    Yes! I have the same trouble also. It leads to many interceptions.
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    Wii in Australia thread

    Anyway wanting to challenge me online at Madden 08 just PM me. Free ass kicking if you play :).
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    Wii-Madden Football League

    Just a quick question, can you play people internationally with Madden 08 on Wii? Cause im getting Madden this thursday and I live in australia. I noticed that you live in canada so is it possible to play you? If so I would be interested joining this league. Sorry posted here instead of site...
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    Wii in Australia thread

    Logged for life!
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    SOTW #5 Application

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    Halo 3 X Button

    The X button will detonate a bomb that is leeched on you that will kill all surrounding enemys within a 10m radius. :lol:
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    Official Baseball Talk

    Tampa Bay second in division! OOOOOHHHHHhh ddddaaaaammmm Rays to hot for you! Rays will win wild card for sure!, Sox just to good this year.
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    What characters do you want to see in Super Smash Brothers: Brawl?

    I want to see the following characters in Brawl: King K.Rool Diddy Kong Captain Olimar Lucario Bubsy Kystral King Dedede Waluigi Sonic Midna Ridley
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    Official Baseball Talk

    Wow the A's thrashed us. Fossum was terrible at pitching today as he let 9 runs go.
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    Pokemon MMO suggestions?

    But if each Gym has 100 ranked people, then whoever is the highest ranked person at the time their on, they become the leader.
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    Official Baseball Talk

    OHHHHH DAAAAAAAAM Rays sweep Yanks in last series! OHHHHHHH DAAAAAAAM Rays to hot for you!
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    Fox in SSBB

    Considering Fox is top teir and a good Fox player can always beat a good Doc player I'd have to say your statement is false.
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    FWELR and Mau's SSBB Tourney

    Why dont we just have two sets of 8 brackets? Its going to take ages to get 36...
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    FWELR and Mau's SSBB Tourney

    Icetrash (IceT) - DK, brown
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    Super Paper Mario or Godfather?

    From what Ive heard Godfather is the way to go. Ive heard great things about it.
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    Wii in Australia thread

    Wow I wish I has a DS. Im missing out on so much fun.
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    Wouldn't it be cool if....

    Lol thats just like saying they are going to port some Mario games over to the PS3. LOL!