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  1. Ryker

    5 Best PS3 exclusives

    I thing gta blows. Deff not on my top. Exclusives are hard to come by nowadays. I can't really think of 5. I'd say MGS4 is one of the best exclusives.
  2. Ryker

    Netflix Lean Towards Wii For Success

    Ommgggg, I love movies. I used to pay monthly for Netflix, I think I paid about 10 bucks a month for like 4 DVd's or something? I can't remember! Anyway, I'll totally dig this if there rentals are better then the PS3 movie rentals. I think each movie should be $1.99.
  3. Ryker

    Kill the person above you thread

    I kill Blair with.. BEEF JERKY!
  4. Ryker

    Add Three Words

    had a small..
  5. Ryker

    Kill the person above you thread

    LAMP OIL, ROPE, BOMBS Enough said. :D
  6. Ryker

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for having an 'i' instead of an 'e' :P
  7. Ryker

    Things to do when a forum is completely dead...

    Roll around in radioactive waste. Oh, and eat nachos. .. ... .. RADIOACTIVE NACHOS! Pretend your a superhero, afterwards. .. ... .. If your alive that is.
  8. Ryker

    18+ Question for The Damn of It

    Hm, a few years back I wasn't to engaged in relationships. I had more of a swinger lifestyle, I never considered myself to be there boyfriend, nor did I ever consider them my girlfriend. It made things a lot simpler, yet occasionally became very complicated. So going from person to person wasn't...
  9. Ryker

    What do you see?

  10. Ryker

    resident evil 2 on vc?

    I liked 2, it was fun. 3 was good, but the constant run in's with Nemesis got annoying/aggravating. 4 was great, but it didn't stick to the classics. Ahh.. I see. Ah well. It still would be nice if it was released again though.
  11. Ryker

    Favorite Movie Soundtrack

    Punisher: War Zone: "Take Me Away" by 7 Days Away
  12. Ryker

    Last letter game.

  13. Ryker

    What do you see?

  14. Ryker

    What do you see?

    Pearl Harbor
  15. Ryker

    resident evil 2 on vc?

    Then why did they release the first two? :/ I can never find 2 or 3 at gamestop around here. I always find Zero, sometimes One.
  16. Ryker

    What anime are you watching at the moment?

    I don't watch really watch anime anymore. However, the last one I watched was the (new/remake) Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone, looking forward to 2.0.
  17. Ryker

    18+ Question for The Damn of It

    Nahh, I love my chick. So, even if I was itching that bad to do it, I wouldn't have ever grabbed the other chick to begin with.
  18. Ryker

    Whats your favorite video game

    How about series? I'd say, Zelda, Devil May Cry, or Resident Evil are my top games. Not sure which one I like more though... >.<
  19. Ryker

    What do you see?

    Cell Phone
  20. Ryker

    resident evil 2 on vc?

    I wish they'd bring out Resident Evil Archives Resident Evil 2. I mean they did Zero and 1, why not 2 and 3?