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    LGC- Nintendo Conference Download

    *CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO THE DOWNLOAD* To those that are interested in seeing the conference, go right on ahead and check it out! :)
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    Red Steel Environment Screens:

    Source:*CLICK HERE* Is it just me? Or do the environments in Red Steel look pretty damn good? Anyways, enjoy the new screens! :)
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    Ahh, just in time for skool! :p
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    3 *New* Nintendo Wii Game ScreenShots:

    *New* Nintendo Wii Game ScreenShots: Well, these are just like thos COD 3 and Red Steel shots! Where they show gameplay and a person playing it! The gameplay shots are OLD, but it now shows someone demonstrating how to play. ;) But some are new...
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    "Wii Prove Our Promise"

    News by GoNintendo: News by Matt from IGN: Sources: IGN and GoNintendo No launch date or price, what a disappointment, a lot of people all over the net got really upset! Oh well though, Nintendo never said they'd be telling us the release date or anything. Plus: We=Why in German, so in...
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    One New COD 3 Screenshot:

    It's a very blurry screen so it's not much, but enjoy anyways! I'm still up and waiting for everything from Leipzig!
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    We should've known that Rayman Raving Rabbids was a party game:

    I mean, look at the title! Rayman RAVING Rabbids. >_>
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    Anger Management:

    Okay, I got skool next week, and I need something to mellow myself in the mean time. Since, I've been having some of those horrible flash backs where my hate towards teenagers gets to me, and then resulting to me to get into that stupid-angst teen mode, which I hate getting into. So, any...
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    Avy size is WAY too small...

    I mean look at how my avatars come out! WAY TOO SMALL! If this can be fixed, then thanks!:)
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    3 New Developers join Nintendo's Revolution!

    Source: *CLICK HERE* The Terminal Reality job listing (looking for a Programmer) states: Terminal Reality is the proud developer of titles such as BloodRayne II, Aeon Flux and Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run. Terminal Reality is currently developing games for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii...
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    Nice Fake SSBB Boxart:

    I like the globe in the middle! ^_^
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    Wii to somehow "remake" cube games:

    Source:*CLICK HERE* The Wii just keeps getting better and better! Damn, Miyamoto. You simply are always on the best things! :)
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    *NEW* Sonic and the Secret Rings pics:

    Source:*CLICK* I dont got much to say, but the lasers look pretty cool in that second picture! So enjoy! :) -Homicidal_Gamer
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    Wii dot com now owned by Nintendo:

    Source:*CLICK* W-Day is near...
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    Past Miyamoto Projects, dead or alive?

    There’s also a part where he’s asked what happened to previous projects. Mario 64-2: originally planned for 64DD, some parts made it into other games, but Miyamoto forgot which ones (!) Cabbage: Cancelled but some ideas made it into Nintendogs. Mario 128: A test concept for Mario. Some...
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    Tupac represents the Nintendo Wii!

    Nintendo should use this to advertise in the urban area. :D Since I live there.
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    Another fake SSBB roster:

    This one looks pretty good, IMO.
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    Complete list of Wii/DS games at Leipzig:

    Activision Call of Duty 3 (Wii) Lego Star Wars II (DS) Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Wii) Spiderman: Battle for New York (DS) Tony Hawks Downhill Jam (Wii, DS) Atari Arthur and the Minimoys (DS) Bionicle Heroes (DS) Justice League Heroes (DS) Mercury Meltdown (Wii) Point Blank DS (DS)...
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    I cant put my own sigs in my profile...

    Everytime I post a IMG in my sig, this comes up: You may not link to external websites in your signature. :( I need help!
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    Snakes On A Mother Fuckin' Plane:

    Just saw it 7 hours ago! Movie of the year! Anyone else see it?