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  1. compodude

    whats the most important game youve ever playes

    as the name implies, whats the most important game you have ever played. mine is zelda a link to the past... my first zelda game, i remember helping my brother get the boomerang and free zelda.
  2. compodude

    do any gb/ gbc work on ds/lite

    this is weird but i think they dont but i just want to make sure
  3. compodude

    zombie shootn` good

    isnt it grat that two resident evil games will be coming out on the wii pretty soonish, and the wii version of re4 is gonna have all the ps2 bits that werent in the gc one. yes umbrela chronicles is going to be in first person which serious re fans are probably going to be a bit dissapointed...
  4. compodude

    the best pokemon

    what is the best pokemon game that there ever was made?
  5. compodude

    Quote unquote

    right, heres the rules. one person says a quote from a game movie book or tv, then the next person says whatever pops into there head first then writes a new quote e.g. keep it compo- compodude ill start "so, are you feelin lucky, well are ya. punk"
  6. compodude

    wiimote battle pack

    has any one got a wii mote battle pack for games like zelda and prince of persia? i dont know where its worth geting one for my beloved wii, or if theres no point.
  7. compodude

    sig and animatation help

    firstly can some one make me a sig plz.i have been trying to make one but cant and how do you attach sigs to you signature (no im not a retard). lastly. how do you have an animation for your avatar.
  8. compodude

    zelda wii

    i heard (well read) that there was going to be a zelda wii-and not twilight princess- so are they saying that im going to be able to play the origonal zelda game with the wiis control sytem, i really hope so.
  9. compodude


    not quite a conspiracy, but it is weird. i was playing wii boxing and i was put up against someone who looked just like my dad. there was no way of knowing what he looked like because i didnt have a mii of my dad. has anyone else had something like this happen to them either. also i saw...
  10. compodude

    i need help with wifi max

    i have a shiny new wifi max adapter. though i have had trubble conecting my wii to the internet. i would really like to use internet capabitys of the wii. so not being able to is quit frustrating. plz help