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    Madden 08 online help!!!

    When I go into the lobby and create a game and a guy joins the game and then I go "start" it says some connection crap blah blah blah. So I think to myself "ok, ill join someone elses game". So I join another persons game and click "ready". Same thing happens. I click play now, it tries to...
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    Controller Question

    Yeh I bought 2000 Wii points yesterday and tried to buy a Gamecube controller but the guy says that Perth doesnt ship GC controllers anymore. I thought that was a load of bullshet so I went to several different other places and they all said the same thing. My question is though if I buy a...
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    Super Mario Bros completed in 5 minutes

    Some guy on Youtube has completed the game Super Mario Bros in a total time of 5 minutes and 4 seconds. The guy is crazy of how he can jump over those green things that come out of the pipes. Heres the link - Hes crazy!
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    Gex For Brawl!

    Well I've been thinking laterly (yes I know thats hard to imagine) that the character Gex would be a cool 3rd party character! He has appeared on the N64 plenty of times with Gex: 64, Gex3: Deep Cover Gecho and the original GEX. Well for those who don't really know who the damn hell he is I will...
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    Sign Of Batteries Running Out

    OK today while playing Golf the Wiimote wasent working properly. First off when its your turn it makes that "dingding" sound coming from the Wiimote well mine was really croaky and sometimes it didnt do it at all. Then when you swing its usually goes "woosh" on the Wiimote. Same thing applied...
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    Mii Parade

    Ok I've created my Mii and I have connected to my router correctly and done all the updates. Then it asked whether I would like WiiConnect24 on and I said yes. And also when I have it off the power = orange which means WiiConnect24 is on. But when I go Mii Parade how do I get to see people? Do...
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    Dbz : Bt2

    I have a question about Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2. It says on wikipedia that the release for this game for Japan, Australia and UK is 31st of January. But I thought it was a launch game for all places? And also for people who have it in the States do you think its good and worth buying?
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    Thorpe Retires

    Sad sad day in Australia sporting today. Ian Thorpe our gold medalist swimmer has announced his retirment. Saying he has battled sickness for to long now. Well its a good thing I dont watch swimming :lol: Just that now we'll have to rely on Grant Hackett to get all the gold medals not Thorpie.
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    Tampa Bay's 62 Yard FG

    Wow, can you believe the 62 yard FG Matt Bryant kicked? I didnt watch the full game because I will in Australia and they only show 3 games a week, so in the morning I was watching Indianpolis vs Washington and then a Gamebreak came up.... TB 20 PHI 21. I realised that we had to kick it to win...
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    Paintball Game

    Yeh I was watching a Paintball Championship game on ESPN, it was NY vs Seattle and it really interested me. I've never watched a televised game of Paintball before, but it really was fun to watch. Anyway I was wondering if their was going to be a Paintball game for the Wii? I know that there was...
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    How do I check what my Reputation is? Lol sorry but I dont know how to check :(
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    PS3 Controller Question

    Ok after seeing this post by NateTheGreat ( and his attached thumbnail of a mock-up of the new PS3 controller I have wondered what they have decided on? Cause didnt they scrap the "boomerang" design because to many people...
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    Fanboy Tests

    Well in some peoples sigs ive seen around this forums it has got something like Nintendo Fanboy - 40 Microsoft - 40 Sony - 20 Conclusion - Sony Hater Where do people do this test? I want to do the test and see what I am :)
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    Wii Cuts up big apple

    Ok this is the news so far... 9:05 am EDT: Attendees are just starting to filter into the conference space and the show is set to begin soon. 9:15 am: The place is still filling up. Time to sheperd the nerd herd into their seats. 9:19 am: NOA VP of marketing Perrin Kaplan has taken the...
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    Question about a character

    How is the Samus character going to work? I mean in SSBM she wore her suit and now they have released Zerio Suit Samus? So are they going to ditch the old Samus and keep with the new one or are they going to have both? If they have both wouldnt they be clones? Someone please explain.
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    Record Broken

    Wow that meeting must have attracted a lot of people since there was 523 people online this forum..... too bad they didnt get what they were looking for!
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    Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy

    Yes! My favourite cartoon show is arriving on the Wii! Not that I'd buy the game or anything but its just cool how its coming onto the Wii. Anyway for all you cartoonist gamers you'd like this game.
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    Diet Game Confirmed

    Why go to fat camp when you can get a Nintendo Wii and play a diet game. According to my sources nintendo is going to release a game that is diet-related.
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    NFL Draft Compare!

    My Team Donovan McNabb QB LaDainian Tomlinson RB Rudi Johnson RB Torry Holt WR Randy Moss WR Tony Gonzalez TE Steelers D/ST Jason Elam K M7ticalm Team Peyton Manning QB Corey Dillon RB Joey Galloway WR Steve Smith WR...
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    Which Sig Is Better?

    which of my banners are better? i just made the bottom one then (the sport one). i quite like it better because its smaller in height... but what do u guys think?