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  1. massi4h

    name of game

    lol wtf pervert?
  2. massi4h


    Only played the original which was heaps of fun to play with lots of friends. Although we didn't necessarily take it too seriously, we mostly did full power (which is where you have max speed, bombs and firepower) which was heaps of fun. Don't know about the others but there's lots of fun stuff...
  3. massi4h

    should i?

    Don't ask for games here, as you normally just get filled with everyone saying their favourite games. Just look around and see what games appeal to you.
  4. massi4h

    Diddy Kong Racing??? Anyone Still Play?

    Don't got no wi-fi so I can't play you :( I do know lots about the game though, like picking upgrades and stuff, I'm assuming you know all that garbage right? Air Taj/Wizpig ftw.
  5. massi4h

    Call of Duty 4 DS

    Don't waste your money on it. Completely crap (especially for me being a CoD vet and sorta an mph vet). SP is pretty boring and the MP (which is what it should be based around) is glitched up and has so much stuff missing. For instance you're stuck with what weapon you pick at the start (can't...
  6. massi4h

    Why 64?

    I wonder where the 2 came from in PS2? The 360 in XBox 360 must mean 360 Bit? Sorry but you kinda asked for it :D
  7. massi4h

    Best WiFi DS Game

    Well since topics like this just get everyone naming their favourite games, Tetris DS. The online is still big (lots of n00bs and pros) and with the ranking system, you play people around the same skill as you. It does really depend on what kind of game you wanna play.
  8. massi4h

    L Button

    Oh damn, never heard of a case of the Lite. Still might as well try it.
  9. massi4h

    2008 Future

    AW:DoR because the other AWs are awesome games, although the fact that all the characters are being removed and replaced with new ones put me off a bit. Guitar Hero DS I don't own a console to run it and I found out my PC needs like Crysis specs to run it, so this is my last hope to get...
  10. massi4h

    DS vs PSP survey

    The DS has a far better range of popular multiplayer/wi-fi games with deep communities which the PSP does not. Gaming to me is about multiplayer and imo there's not enough depth/competition with the PSP and it's mostly based on average single player games. This is the reason why I'm not too much...
  11. massi4h

    L Button

    I'm guessing you have a DS phat. It's quite a common problem. Dust is getting into your buttons so what you need to do is turn it upside down continuously tap it and blow hard into it. That should normally cure your problem, but that doesn't prevent it, it pretty much blocks it until the next...
  12. massi4h

    n64 still pwning hard

    I've still got my N64 and I've been playing it since it came out, got back into SSB64 recently and it's awesome.
  13. massi4h

    SSB64 boss battle:The glove!

    Geez people it's Master Hand. And you can't play as him without hacks. You unlock Luigi, Jigglypuff, Ness and C. Falcon by doing special stuff thoughout the SP, beating them after master hand unlocks them. Samus and Yoshi were so easy to use against him, like 20 second wins iirc. Samus just...
  14. massi4h

    DS sub-forum suggestions (mods, please come)

    Yeah and pokemon threads flooded the DS section. Neither of those two games have had hardly any topics at all. So there is no reason.
  15. massi4h

    What DS do you have?

    DS phat forever. I hate the Lites, only thing going for them is the brightness. DS Phat is more durable, has better grip, better buttons and bigger speakers.
  16. massi4h

    pokemon battel revolution codes uk only

    You should probably put this in one of the Wii sections as it's a Wii game. Also if you don't know for some reason, you don't have to just battle people in the UK, especially on a game like pokemon that doesn't require a good ping since it's not something on reaction times like an fps.
  17. massi4h

    Good Bye Game Boy Advance

    Wow I hope my GBA SP doesn't break or anything, then I'll have to go back to batteries when playing all my old games, especially Tetris which my mum plays constantly. Without my SP I'd have to resort back to my plain GBA, my color or one of my 2 classic game boys which all take batteries :( I...
  18. massi4h

    Next Gen DS...will it look like this?

    Wow that looks cool if it's like that. The DS does need to upgrade some stuff like it has what 4MB of RAM iirc. More power, more players. I'd love to have 4v4 in CoD4 or MPH as it would actually make the games far better. Tbh DS really does need a graphics upgrade as well as the currne tones are...
  19. massi4h

    ultimate mortal kombat

    Well you gotta learn most player's 20+ % combos. IIRC one of those chicks has a 37% combo which is ridiculous imo. Easist thing is use sub zero or scorpion/ninja smoke and use your stunning move (freeze with sz and "get over here" with the other two) to start your combos to set up. SZ has a...
  20. massi4h

    Whats your strongest pokemon?

    Well that's not too bad I guess. Trick Room guts sweeper anyone?