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    What do I need for Wii Rock Band2?

    Thanks. What I think I may do is get a Rock Band III bundle from Amazon and also get the Rock Band 2 kit, since GHIII is the only one that interests me atm and it's relatively cheap now, and with two guitars one could be for base, is that right?
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    What do I need for Wii Rock Band2?

    If you get Rock Band 2, though, you only need 1 Wii Remote for the microphone, my understanding is all the other instruments are stand alone?
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    What do I need for Wii Rock Band2?

    Why is that? I just borrowed a friend's GHIII with his World Tour guitar and have been thinking about getting something for myself... the review sights give Rock Band 2 a much better review than GH World Tour, so what is it that makes it a better choice as a jumping off point?
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    Deadly Creatures

    The game is rated T, I don't recall any strong language but then again I may not notice it either... if I come across some I'll try to remember and post here.
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    Deadly Creatures

    I picked it up... still amazed at the lack of discussion on many sites... I bet this game is going to completely slip past without any notice. First The Metacritic Scores are mostly in the good and above category, but I have no idea where Edge magazine gets off with their 5/10 rating. I'll...
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    C S I

    I've played it on my PC, would probably be fine on the Wii. Basic point-and-click style looking around crime scenes and discovering evidence. Very easy if you leave all the tips on. Has about four or five 'episodes'.
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    Battlefield on Wii =] =]

    Battlefield Heroes would be pretty fun on the Wii, but I doubt it'll show up because they (EA/DICE) are trying out a new economic model for it. Instead of paying for the vanilla game, you will be able to make "micro transactions" to buy cosmetic things for your character to change their looks...
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    Wii Success May Lead to Cheaper Next-Gen

    I meant to stay out of this discussion because I think it's sort of silly to compare these systems - if people find them to be fun, let them have their fun. But upon reading this, I had to put in my couple of cents. That 'trampoline effect' you talk about with respect to the Wii being fun for a...
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    Super Smash Bros Brawl, Picture Thread!

    I'm pretty sure the replays aren't videos at all, just a recording of moves that can be replayed by SSBB on demand. Similar to how, when you upload a Mii to your Wii Remote, you're just uploading the lines of code that create the Mii, not the Mii itself. If someone ever creates something that...
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    Anyone in here plays with a bro/sis/friend/cousin when playing brawl?

    You can have two people on the same Wii go online? Cool... now it makes sense. I played a team match against another team and one was Marth the other Ike and they were very well teamed. Just thought the chances of a random Marth/Ike would be pretty slim.
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    Yay! They used my Poll Suggestion! o__o;;

    Heh, awesome. My wife and I just voted on that one last night... we both went Pirates :p
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    How many matches with anyone have you Won?

    I haven't really kept track, but figured I'd add crappy numbers to the overall good stats in this thread :) Played about 50 matches, and I think I've probably won 15 :) Though in my defense this is the first SSBB game I've played, and even in loss I usually have fun. Someone's gotta lose for...
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    when was the Wii sold out

    I had been thinking about buying a Wii for months before, and in February I actually walked into the store and saw one there... I decided I'd take a chance and snatch one while I could. I came back a day later to pickup Metrod Prime 3: Corruption and there were none left. I asked the clerk how...
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    Is it possible to play SSBB Wi-Fi with anyone and not experience lag?

    I've only had noticeable lag once, and that was obviously from Player 3 at the time... they didn't move during the match, their character select took a long time, and the entire match was pretty well a slow-motion-fest. The rest of the time, though, it's as if I'm playing 3 CPU players (only...
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    Super Smash Bros is BORING.

    Obviously not every game is for everyone... I think it's silly for anyone to say that they wonder why people play this game because 'they' find it boring. For me, while I admit SSE is just something to do to get it done, the fights themselves I can get lost in for hours. Even just playing 4...
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    How do you transfer SSBB pictures to PC

    You're 99.9% of the way there :) The only thing remaining is you need to go into your SD card while it's in your PC and convert the .bin files into .jpg files using something like this Brawl Snapshot Decrypter.
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    Super Smash Bros Brawl, Picture Thread!

    A silly one from a recent match I had with Sonic and Samus on the same team... looks like Sonic has a crush:
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    Log-In Page required to connect

    You should talk to your university's ITS or Networks Systems (or the Residence Office). I know here they can make exceptions for devices such as XBox's and whatnot, so should be able to for your Wii. You'll just need to tell them what it is, and what the MAC address is.
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    Error 86420?? SSB

    I wasn't able to find the post in the Smash Brother's Brawl forum, but there was a guy who had some info with respect to WFC error codes. I was also worried it had something to do with opening ports on my router, but that's not necessary. Codes that begin with a 6, 7 or 8 are all server...
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    The Key to Finding a Match

    Pre-recorded? Really? That's neat... good way to combat spectator lag.