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    This gives new meaning to the term, HOLY *$%$

    know what you do? giant brawl with mushrooms on high. choose mario. when u get a mushroom do his taunt that makes him grow. HE GETS SOOOO GIANT!
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    My Hammers Dont Work!

    I am trying to complete all the chalenges. i am reallllllllly close. today, i decided that i was never going to beat boss battles on intense, so i tried to use my hammer on it. and nothing happend... is this a glitch? the box is red. Did i have to do it while it was blue? what do i do if there...
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    nead help to play online

    nope. he has to buy the game
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    challenges nonsense

    that what makes the game challenging! im almost done with all the challenges =)
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    most overpowered/annoying moves?

    i think an anoying move is snakes down A. its way to easy to ledge gaurd
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    omfg Jigglypuff!!!

    wolf took me like 20 minutes to get. it would take me a long time to navigate to where he was, and i died twice fighting him. i killed Jigglypuff easily. I got all the dragoon parts very quickly, and Pwnd him
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    Smash Bros Tourney (PRIZE) IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Registration Closed April 5th

    mingus, i decided i wanted to be pit
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    Cool And Funny SnapShots

    Use this thread to post some funny snapshots YOU have taken. Later i will post some of my own snapshots, and an explination on how to upload your snapshots to Wiichat.
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    Brawl Pictures, To Computter Pictures?

    i dont understand what u mean. if i take a screenshot on my wii, and save it to the SD. than put it in my camera, nothing shows up. (as if the sd had nothing on it). EDIT-- ok. now i have half of it solved. i just need to try to get the snapshot that i took from brawl (any filetype) on my comp
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    Brawl Pictures, To Computter Pictures?

    how do u convert it to .jpeg?
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    Brawl Pictures, To Computter Pictures?

    i relized a little while ago, than when u take a snapshot, it wont show it on your computter. is there a way that i can make the picture show up on my computter, without having to take an actuall picture of my screen?
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    Tripping...? o.o

    one of lucas's taunts is falling on the ground for a moment than looking around, and standing back up. Maby u get so into your combo and dont even relize that u tap the taunt button
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    Official How to Unlock Thread

    to unlock toon link you have to beat the subspace, than go back to the level "the forest". enter the door, and win the match. THIS IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL WAY TO UNLOCK TOON LINK (without doing 300 vs. matches)
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    Any luck with Toon Link?

    you have to complete the subspace emisary, than go back to the level "the forest" than you will find a door right away. go into the door and you will fight toon-link
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    laziness on Sakurai part concering ganondorf

    i think its good gannondorf doesnt have his sword. why have another sword weilding character?
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    So, I get to play Brawl Today... / Ask Prez about Brawl

    Yes, i have a few. How is zero suit samus? is she fast? do you think i should play as samus, or metaknight in the tourney tonight?
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    The Ssbb Thread Of Reviews

    andrewguy comes up with yet another great idea for a thread. :thumbsup: i will post my review at about 3:00 in the morning.
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    Good Luck!

    Thanks! good luck to you too. i cant wait for the tourney! im leaving for it in 3 and a half hours!
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    what time does gamestop give out the game?

    Crud! my dad wont drive me to gamestop at 12......
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    what time does gamestop give out the game?

    Ive called my gamestop, a couple times, to talk to many people to ask them when they are going to acctually, start selling the game. I have gotten ALOT of answers. the weird thing is... most of them said 10:00. I dont understand, what happens at 10:00??? (and please dont think im stupid, ive...