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    The Wii Fit Peripherals That Didn't Make The Cut

    All they need to do is air a commercial of someone practicing yoga on the wii fit and every yuppie from coast to coast will buy it, along with the Wii itself if necessary. That said, I'm going to get this myself. The Wii-Series is, and will continue to be, underrated. Wii Fit looks just as fun...
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    The Wii Fit Peripherals That Didn't Make The Cut

    it's not the actual one, just close to it. they decided against connecting it to the wiimote.
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    politics and gaming

    Zelda is rated 'Teen'. Not to play devil's advocate, but if you had to rank any entertainment medium (Movies, TV, videogames, music, on the prevalence of violence, videogames would tower over all others as number 1. I don't know what to make of it. 'M' seems more like a...
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    What console owns the top quality games?

    I think the Wii has the best games, but that's me, and that's why I got it.
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    Super Mario Bros. Memory Reset.

    basically, when managing memory in Wii Settings, there's a gamesave data screen and a channels screen. deleting the gamesave data might fix your problem quickly and maybe for good. but if you just can't hit the home button and select 'reset' while playing the game, something's amiss and you...
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    wii chess

    it's only out in europe now, right?
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    Nintendo sells 10M Virtual Console games!

    Do you own a Wii? It's not a rental, it's a purchase. There are dozens of great titles, dozens more I don't care about, but what do you expect?
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    New details on the Wii version of PES 2008

    If you paid attention to Everybody Votes, you'd know that many people enjoy soccer.
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    Something bothers me... *BRAWL related*

    Besides changing all the menus to english and doing the magical conversion that makes it playable on NA Wiis, i bet they're setting up and testing out the online. Then they have to start the presses to produce a million discs and distribute them across the country for release.
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    What Characters do you plan on mastering?

    i don't know who are spoilers so my whole post is here:
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    Not that I give game reviews much attention, but I saw Xplay's review on Turok where they mainly criticized its aiming/controls. Replace them with the wiimote, and I think you'd have a better game. But the dinos wouldn't look as pretty, so T3's probably right about the imaginary scores, which is...
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    Future Wii Game Speculation Thread

    I think we'll see a new Super Mario and Legend of Zelda game for the Wii before or around 2010. I think we'll see a Kid Icarus game. I think somebody is going to make a solid skiing/snowboarding game for the WiiFit board.
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    Worth to toad?

    I don't think so.
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    Worth to toad?

    I don't think so.
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    Worth to toad?

    I don't think so.
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    wii technology, not all brand new

    as far as i remember, my duck hunt gun never measured the acceleration of my movements.
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    Im new, but look at this!

    My only gripe about the Wii Menu is pretty small and not mentioned there. Why do the VC games flash what console they are from? It's useless and makes the whole screen ugly. It also wastes time when five channels say "Nintendo Entertainment System"...alright...wait for it...okay, that's the game...
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    Is SMG too easy?

    it increases in difficulty from super easy to pretty difficult. who cares how long it takes? all the old super mario bros. courses took less (sometimes much less) than 5 minutes to complete and I still love playing those. i think SMG is a great game. some people may truly think it's too easy...
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    Links crossbow training dvd cover art

    The slip is more eco-friendly.
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    Links Crossbow Training High Scores

    i don't feel like posting my scores but i'd like to say this game is incredible. so addicting.