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  1. Shadowking

    Extra life

    Sorry for the bump, but I'm really close to my goal! If you're doing this as well, feel free to post links to your donation pages too!
  2. Shadowking

    Extra life

    I need donations for my contribution to Extra Life. I am part of the Achievement Hunter Team (which you can view here) and we have a really hefty goal. More importantly, however...donations that I specifically get go straight to the very hospital my best friend, Taylor, was treated at for...
  3. Shadowking

    Favorite Game Music?

    Ah LBP was a good choice there Sadaja...
  4. Shadowking

    How famous is the user above you?

    Like, at least 9/10
  5. Shadowking


    I'm trying to decide where to go to eat cuz I'm so damn hungry.
  6. Shadowking

    Favorite Game Music?

    Mm yes, the Mjolnir Mix is quite amazing. Marty O'Donnell is an absolute genius. =]
  7. Shadowking

    Favorite Game Music?

    Yes indeed, I love FFXIII's soundtrack =D Red Dead Redemption's is also epic.
  8. Shadowking

    I like her but she doesnt like me..

    I highly doubt you have discovered love yet man. You have a crush on her, it's normal to not have the ability to stop liking her (not like you can choose who you like) but part of what may be driving her away is if you're seemingly obsessive, which is how it could be perceived if you're telling...
  9. Shadowking

    The Goldeneye Remake WILL Fail

    . . . I think even the new games are under rated. I'm not looking forward to their project working with Kinect, but I quite liked Nuts & Bolts and even Viva Pinata...which is strange because the premise for Viva Pinata is the gayest thing since homosexuality. But it's rather addicting. I also...
  10. Shadowking

    What are you listening to??

    The two posts above me have terrible taste in music. Those Minerals - Kabuto the Python
  11. Shadowking

    Favorite Game Music?

    You...are awesome. I never expected anyone to get this detailed and the mention of Lego Racers just makes the list all the more epic. I still don't know if I could take the time to pick out every song I like...when I removed the video game music from my iPod (I plan on putting it back, but...
  12. Shadowking

    What are you listening to??

    Chocobos of Cocoon (English Version) - Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack
  13. Shadowking

    I can't afford a PS3 bro. Paying for college and ****.

    I can't afford a PS3 bro. Paying for college and ****.
  14. Shadowking

    Favorite Game Music?

    Oh snaps you're a mod now! Thanks Prinny.
  15. Shadowking

    Favorite Game Music?

    Whoops, didn't see your response YoungLad. I'll check those out now =D Also, I found that song I was referring to: Fallout 3 Battle 1 EDIT: The bass I was referring to is roughly at 1:15
  16. Shadowking

    Favorite Game Music?

    Already made a thread like this buddy =] Awesome list though and I look forward to discussing video game music with you as there is some truly epic stuff.
  17. Shadowking

    Hey my people remember me? :)

    It was always just S.S. here. On other forums it was SonicShadow.
  18. Shadowking

    Very busy unfortunately haha. How about you?

    Very busy unfortunately haha. How about you?
  19. Shadowking

    What are you listening to??

    Jungle Love - Steve Miller Band
  20. Shadowking

    I have come to warn you

    Good thing Linux sucks or this might be bad news.