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  1. WiiAssasin

    General Image Thread

    A thing for the thing. post image here Yeah. This'll do for starters.
  2. WiiAssasin


    dis iz selda thred Twilight Princess doesn't count. It was a ported GC game. SS is the definitive Zelda Wii game.
  3. WiiAssasin

    New WiiU Monolith Soft Game

    Yes, I can still make topics! It's a Xeno title. Giant robots, beautiful world, and online co-op? There was a chat thingy. And is that Shulk?
  4. WiiAssasin

    Wii Chat's Top Ten Wii Games

    That's right, I actually can post threads! No, this has nothing to do with my insomnia nor the unusually large amount of coffee I had. With the Wii U nearing its release and the Wii nearing the end of its life cycle, it would be great to see what the community thinks are the best Wii games ever...
  5. WiiAssasin

    Notification won't gtfo

    I've had a notification of "1 unread visitor message" for almost a month now. I click on the message and tried going through my lists of VM's, but to no avail. It's very annoying.
  6. WiiAssasin

    Zelda Timeline Theories

    *SS spoilers shall be marked as spoilers* Another game, another piece of the timeline. The most difficult arrangement of events in video games. Post your opinions, facts, and any other thoughts. For starters, where do you place SS? How does it affect past Zelda's?
  7. WiiAssasin

    Gaming on the Ipod.

    Me make thread? Don't mind if I do. I now have an Ipod touch 4g (was a gift). Don't really understand most of the features yet. Anyways, after being offended, I recently found out you can download games for it. Are there any games that can be deemed worthy and stand with the rest of the pack?
  8. WiiAssasin

    Does Goldeneye have any hacker/glitch problems?

    This is coming from someone that used to own The Conduit. Are there any weapon merge glitches or spawn glitches? Seems like a good game so far.
  9. WiiAssasin

    Top 5 Wii FPS

    What are the top 5 Wii FPS games? I'm sure they're at least 5.(no hybrids like metroid prime)
  10. WiiAssasin

    Conduit Spawn Glitch

    Anyone have a solution to stop the spawn glitch? Its happening to me way too frequently now. i already tried the pointing at the screen thing.
  11. WiiAssasin

    Regular Conduit players?

    Any Conduit players who are on regularly or daily?