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    Gonna be playing Reflex all night ...

    if you want to join, my friend code is in my signature. Call sign: RMcDemonWolf
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    Suggestions for any new patch

    1. When you are using an RC-XD and you are killed ... you shouldn't be able to continue. I think the RC XD should detonate at that point. 2. If you get a direct hit (destroy) shot on an aircraft as it is leaving the map, it should count as a destruction. 3. You shouldn't be able to...
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    Question on the Summit map???

    I've been seeing more and more people up on that 2 level tower on the cliff side with the ski lift car. I've seen people in the car before also. Is there a way to get in those legitimately, or are people using a glitch?
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    Flak Jacket

    Anyone know if the flak jacket or flak jacket pro perk gives extra protection against knife attacks? I was under the impression that it was only for explosive protection. I attacked two different players while playing HCFFA on Grid. They were both wearing flack jackets. One from the front...
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    Hardline Pro

    How do you cycle care packages using hardline pro? I use the wii remote and nunchuck in the zapper and can't figure out the buttons to hit combo to hit. Does a teammate have to help you?
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    Frequency of certain maps?

    I know they "fixed" this problem of certain maps being voted for over and over with this latest patch, but I still find myself playing Nuketown more than any other map. It seems I play the same 4 maps over and over no matter when I enter a match. Nuketown, Firing Range, Havana and Summit. Then...
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    The weirdest way you've died in Black Op's

    I joined a hardcore team death match earlier today and as soon as i spawned I started to move ... went through a doorway to get outside and WHAM!!!! Got smooshed by a falling care package. I was recording to. That will make my next montage. :yesnod:
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    Most annoying perk on Black Op's and why?

    I want to get others feedback on the most annoying perk on Black Op's and why? With that being said ... try to give a valid reason, not just THAT'S A NOOB WEAPON! :mad2: For me it's got to be Last Stand/Pro. I'm getting very tired of emptying half of my assault rifle clip in to someone and...
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    Most annoying perks on Black Op's and why? :mad2:

    Gonna be playing some MW Reflex tonight Gonna be on tonight if anyone wants to play.
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    I just saw someone under the map on Summit!!! Anyone ran in to this B.S.?
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    Enough already!!!

    Enough with Nuketown people!!!!! I'm tired of having to leave lobbies because the people in them play a match on Nuketown and then vote for it again and again. Once or even twice is fine but come on!!!
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    Was this kid just talkin smack?

    I was playing earlier and heard a kid say there is an update to Wii/Black Ops coming that will add chopper gunner. Anybody know if this true?
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    Favorite weapon in COD?

    Of the 3 games ... World at War, Modern Warfare and Black Ops, what is your favorite weapon? Mine would have to be the G3 assault rifle with no attachments that is used in Modern Warfare. I own with that gun. Even though it is a single fire assault rifle, you can fire it very rapidly. It...
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    Playing against clans

    I'm not a big fan of clans. I have never been in one and probably won't. Nothing against people that are ... I just prefer being a lone gunmen. However ... last night I was playing Hardcore team deathmatch and played against a clan [HCTDM]. I have never seen such GOOD clan in any of the 3...
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    Dear Team COD World Police ...

    So I'm playing Grid HCTDM earlier and I finish the match 19-0. Some good AK-47 kills, an RC-XD, and two choppers because of the care package. I stayed in the back area with all the snow and cover. I covered the main traffic areas and worked my way around that whole area. Kill and move, kill...
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    Elusive Pro Perks

    I have been trying to get Ghost Pro perk forever! I got the first two challenges done right away, but I cannot get the destroy an enemy sentry gun to save my life!!! Nobody uses them hardly it seems and when they do they camp around it looking for people who might come and destroy it. Any ideas?
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    Levels/Maps you hate?

    There is at least one map in WAW, MW & BO that I hate ... WAW - Dome MW - Wetwork BO - WMD What about you guys? Oh yeah .... I played Modern Warfare just a bit ago for the first time in like 3 months and man it is just a TOOB fest on every map!!!
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    Connection interrupted???

    Anyone having the problem with "connection interrupted" lately on B.O.? The reason I ask is because it only seems to happen when I'm whoopin some a** and owning the other team ... one of which is usually the host. Makes me think that someone is getting mad and instead of leaving the game and...
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    Kill streaks ... is there any way ???

    Example .... I get 3 kills and get my Spy plane. Before I get a chance to get to a safe spot to call in the plane, I have contact and I kill 2 more players and get my napalm strike. Is there any way to use to the spy plane first ... then the napalm strike? It seems that there would be...
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    Definition of a Noob .....

    Besides the "you're a noob if you have to ask what a noob is" comments I'm sure to get, what is your definition of a noob? I've seen it on her time and time again used in different contexts. So what is a noob to you? Here's what Wikipedia says ... Newbie or Noob is a slang term for a...