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  1. Doomsteady

    Smashboards Unity Ruleset Committee disbands/Project M demo release

    Not sure if anyone else new about this but I though Id post these articles anyway just to get peoples thoughts on the news. The first story deals with the URC disbanding which as a result frees MK from tourney banishment. Heres the actual announcement quote : "Just over a year ago Smashboards...
  2. Doomsteady

    Doomsteady willl return to wiichat in 2012

    Yeah thats right..... I took out a whole thread for this. See ya in 2012.......lessers. WIICHAT OR DIE
  3. Doomsteady

    Nintendo Wii version 2.0-FINALLY!!!

    The new wii coming out who knows when. Pretty much nintendo is doing what they shouldve done in the first place. Hopefully this is downloaddabloe and not somthein that involves a whole new console. Sorry if someone already posted this. SSBB DLC-NICE. The vids are as follows-...
  4. Doomsteady

    Attention tatsunoko vs capcom players

    Im lookin for members to start a new official Tvs.C Fighters club were can exhange combat tips, friend codes+ user names, and just have fun. I need al least 3 people other than myself to start this thing so leave your FC's and current usernames and once we reach 4 people ill crate thesocial...
  5. Doomsteady

    The Shoe Blog

    The Shoe Thread All sneaker heads welocme. Its simple: Post pictures of your favorite shoes. You may post more than one pic. Heres mine-
  6. Doomsteady

    Battle Cry

    Wether it be sniping someone in COD or delivering the final blow in SSBB or crossing the finish line in Mario Kart or ANY game when your online, we all have a barbarian in us that makes us let out a cry of victory. So whats YOUR battle cry? It can be profane,crude ANYTHING.
  7. Doomsteady

    LEGO games that should be made?

    Wich video game do you think should have a LEGO doppleganger? I think it would be hilarious if there was a LEGO Call of Duty MWR
  8. Doomsteady

    Complete guide to Marth's 4-hit combo

    Okay, before we get started I just wanna say that this is gonna get confusing. Also, If you knew about this already then dont tell me cause I dont care. third, if you think this thread is in the wrong place, dont post a comment saying so. Lets bgin. A few nights ago I discovered that there are...
  9. Doomsteady

    The best giant robot series?

    What was your favorite giant robot series? It can be American or Japanese. Mine is Mobile Suit Gundam or Tengen Turren Toppen Gurren Laggan and Megas XLR
  10. Doomsteady

    Cadence weapon-REAL MUSIC

    today I ws listening to one of my favorits rappers called Cadence Weapon. I just learned he has a song called "How falco met starfox". from what ive heard the song has nothing to do with the title but Im gonna listen to it again. Check it out
  11. Doomsteady

    Man I hate this game!!

    Was recently destroyed by the All japanese Bleach game for the psp. Does anyone find this game to become impossible at a certain point? :sick:
  12. Doomsteady

    Who will you pick first in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom?

    Who will be your fisrt team in the new wii fighter : Tatsunoko vs. Capcom? Mine will be Condor (my avatar) and Viewtiful Joe. And is anyone else mad that teams can only have TWO people instead of 3? Cause Im a little pissed about that.
  13. Doomsteady

    Top 5 of 09

    Whats your top 5 favorite games of 2009? Mines are 1.Madworld 2.The Conduit 3.Metroid Trilogy 4.TMNT: Smash Up 5.EA Skate It What are yours?
  14. Doomsteady

    I WANT TO LOSE!!!( The right way)

    Not to be cocky, but there is no longer one person on my friend list that I cant beat with ease ( and those guys are pretty good). Im looking to face someone with an unpredictable fighting style. I ask this because I like to "read" my opponents. Basically ive benn playin the game long enough to...
  15. Doomsteady

    Need Help

    As long as Ive been playin this game (since Melee ), I havent figured out how to do the 5-hit combo with Marth (when tilting forward and pressing B). How do you do it?
  16. Doomsteady

    New Social Group - The Red Team

    Doomsteady has created a new social group called "The Red Team", with the following description: To join this group visit the social groups homepage where this new group will be listed.