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  1. The Storm

    To all who Role Play, and any who remember the success known as Realms...

    Dear Richand Zamikios, This is your oldest foe and mortal enemy, Storm Valentine. I am sending you this letter to inform you that I have escaped the Void of Eternal Torture, and that I will be sure to stop by your humble abode to finish destroy both you and your dear Siana. Role Playing has...
  2. The Storm

    A real RP.

    Solaris - Official Sign Up Thread The Solaris Universe is an incredibly futuristic Star-Wars-esque area. It is parallel with the Star Wars universe, meaning it can have similar factions (Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians, etc,) and any characters you create can come from the Star Wars universe as...
  3. The Storm

    Best Jokes

    This is not a flaming thread, so dont do it. :D Back on topic, post 1 joke here per post. Try to post ones that you think are funny and we'll keep the ball rolling by commenting on the joke posted above yours and so on and so forth. Begin!
  4. The Storm

    Shadow*91, GigaRidley, lbu8, Bodine, and CGReaper

    If your screen name is one of the above, post in this thread. It has been too long since we have had a discussion together and we must discuss what our next move is... You know of what I speak. (Sounds like a terrorist threat lol :p) This is going to be jsut a general discussiuon thread for...
  5. The Storm

    What is your honest opinion of Love?

    Im bored, so i figure, why not open up a new topic. We've already got a thread on does God exist, one on if Gay marriage should be legal, one on the proof of Scientific theory, so I figured it would inevitably come to this: Does Love exist? I believe yes. Now before anyone starts posting...
  6. The Storm

    Star Wars Knowledge Extravaganza

    Ok. Ive been very bored lately. Star Wars is a widespread topic that can be conversed quite easily... So... I figured make a thread. Share any Star Wars news, knowledge, opinions, anything, put it here. Make discussions, talk amongst eachother, no flaming obviously. I was kinda hopin to try to...
  7. The Storm

    Star Wars: The Old Republic: Decieved

    This is epic. Possibly the greatest undertaking in Star Wars history? Its Star Wars: the Old Republic: Decieved. I wouldnt mind if they made a movie in the style of this video either. This vid blows me away.
  8. The Storm

    Role Play Rating

    Simple enough. Give the person who posts above you a rating as an RPer from 1-10 and reasons for the rating. Ok, begin.
  9. The Storm

    Bioshock 2 Trailer CONFIRMED

    Is anyone else as excited about this as I am? Bioshock sequel is aimed for a fall release, possibly October. As the video below shows, you get to play as a BIG DADDY, along with plenty of other new abilities and tie ins to the original story. This does include the feirce new enemy called "BIG...
  10. The Storm

    Solaris - Official Sign Up Thread

    Well, im sure many of you on this Forum saw this coming, its finally time for my own RP. As the title says, this is the Solaris Sign Up Thread. The Solaris Universe is an incredibly futuristic Star-Wars-esque area. Many planets encompass the Solaris Universe, all of which may be named as the...
  11. The Storm

    The Official Brawl Character Creation Thread

    This thread is for any characters you would like o see in Brawl. If you post here, other than commenting on character creations, you Must provide a moveset for a Character you might like to see in Brawl. The moveset setup should look like this: Character Name: Description Special B Moves...
  12. The Storm

    I need an opinion on something...SSBB Related

    their was another post before this one about which character could have been added to brawl to make it perfect. what about Turok The Dinosaur Hunter? they put Snake in, they could put him in. does anybody agree that this would have been an Uber addition?:cool: if not, who do you think...
  13. The Storm

    Need some help

    i was trying to insert a pic into my sig but it says the file's to big. can someone help?
  14. The Storm

    Sonic in Brawl

    i was very pleased when i learned sonic was to be in brawl. it was a great decision to put him in if not only to attract old school fans. and his gameplay is exceedingly simple and stylish, making him an all around awesome character. but i feel like somethings missing. i think its a shame...
  15. The Storm

    Information about DBZ

    theres been a rumor going around that their making a DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 4 soon, but i havent been able to find any proof/spoilers. have any of you heard about this?:cool:
  16. The Storm

    Hello fellow WiiPlayers

    hey guys, im new here and i need some help with my wii. see, i had the WiFi hooked up ad i had to unplug the Wii, which changed the security settings for it. Now i need to switch the security type back to WEP but it keeps saying i need to enter a password and i have no idea what it means...