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  1. mr_squish

    wii news channel is up and running!!

    One question, how long did it take to d/l and get news channel up and running (western Canada is up now) thanks. also, why couldn't they just combine weather and news into one channel?
  2. mr_squish

    Top Five Nintendo Games of all Time.

    1. Goldeneye 2. Super Mario 64 3. Shadowgate (NES) 4. LoZ :TP 5. Blaster Master (never did finish it)
  3. mr_squish


    ?o? Xo? ??x
  4. mr_squish

    The Magical Soda Machine Game

    Gets arrested. *Inserts a man's hat filled with perfume and a plum floating in it*
  5. mr_squish

    hoodedreeper here!

    Cheers mate!
  6. mr_squish

    101 Ways to Know You've Played TP Too Much

    61. That day on the lake when your grandma tried on your homemade steel boots.
  7. mr_squish

    Whats your favourite part of the wii

    The candy-like A button.
  8. mr_squish

    Your Story

    Haha, mine beats all of yours. I offhandedly mentioned to my parents at like, easter, about the Wii. Christmas morning, I get 2 wiimotes, LoZ:TP, and a Wii. My voice will be hoarse from heckling all of you who waited in line! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  9. mr_squish

    Coke Vs Pepsi

    Coke and the Coca-Cola family all the way. Except Dr. Pepper. That's the bomb. Also, Coke is a drug, and aren't drugs good?
  10. mr_squish

    i cant believe what just happened!

    That makes absolutely no sense.
  11. mr_squish

    hey im new and have question

    Use the Search! It's right here--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  12. mr_squish

    101 Ways to Know You've Played TP Too Much

    33. You get arrested shaking your "Dominion Rod" at a statue in the park.
  13. mr_squish

    Post your desktop.

    Here's my current one
  14. mr_squish

    For the FPS fans and enthusiasts

    There's a game out there, Enemy Territory, that I play often. It's free to download, free to play, and awesome. Classic Allies vs Axis, 5 classes, each upgradeable. Great real weapons (from MP40 to Bazookas) and always has lots of people playing. Check it out if you get the chance.
  15. mr_squish

    Roll your head on the keyboard and post the results

    Rolling forward, from space bar to the numbers row.... bnhgyt67 believe that!
  16. mr_squish

    ur fav weapon used by any1 anywhere on anything

    Little thing called a might have heard of it.
  17. mr_squish


    We're genetically predisposed to needing meat in our diets, whether it's red meat or poultry or fish or whatever. I don't think we should be eating most of the vegetables we do eat, and for every steak you don't eat I'm gonna eat three. One for me, one for you, and one just to further...
  18. mr_squish

    Official Flame Thread

    What pisses you off? What do you hate? Who do you hate? Put it here! I'll start... I can't stand when I am playing Wiisports and bowl 200+ the first game and then 130 or lower the next....I swear it's based on who's watching me.
  19. mr_squish

    Wii controlled car

    Didn't see this in the search, but I might have missed it.... Second video down. I wish I was rich enough to take apart a wiimote to do this...
  20. mr_squish

    The Magical Soda Machine Game

    Gets spam. Inserts spork.