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    Trying to perfect waluigi

    I know how to do Toad deke goals but serve goals? Explain, I know how the basis behind teleport goals.
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    Trying to perfect waluigi

    Well I don't get my ass handed to me as badly anymore I might try this setup with luigi.
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    Trying to perfect waluigi

    Im going to guess toad back boo left wing hammerbro right wing or switch the two up..I was actually thinking of that combo.
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    Trying to perfect waluigi

    Alright heres what I got for some reason i keep trying to get a team but every team that I play just owns my fast with fast passing and shots. .............Toad Birdo .............Toad But I'm thinking that, that setup doesn't work real well with waluigi because there is no really no good shot...
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    Any late nighters?

    I use to raid in wow from 12am-4am the sleep schedule kinda stuck with me
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    what a ripoff!!!!

    I rather NOT have MICs enabled for the Wii on the basis I don't want some 12 year old prepubescent child screaming into the mic telling me how much I sux0rz at teh games and I should go die in a car fire because he can't handle getting his ass handed to him personally. While I like the chat box...
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    What appeals to you the most?

    My appeal is probably quite different then many others, its the fact when the first Super Smash Brothers came out for the N64 way way back in the day, I was quite the young then, I believe 7th/8th grade if not younger. It was really just the fun I had with my friends that I really don't get...
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    The 3rd NA One-Night Only Tournament

    if anyone wants to play me after the tourney friend me! 369477-393824
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    Need Friends!

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    Any late nighters?

    Any late nighters here? I play anywhere from 9pm-1am at night Eastern time and looking for others that play well into the night as well! if you do put a message here or pm me. My code 369477-393824 I'll be on around 10/11 tonight!
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    Official Mario Strikers Us Friends Code Exchange

    My Mario Strikers Code is 369477-393824 PM me if you add me so I can add you!