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    internet videos on Wii

    I usually watch youtube video's on it every night, tonight it was Tornado's and Typhoons, and People that jump around like SPider-man, pretty good video's. Some times i find it akward to watch stuff on my Wii, but then it wears off to the awesomeness of the youtube videos I watch.
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    The Next President (Wiichat style)

    Since there hasn't been many votes for over a week, instead of eliminating 2 canidates, I will eliminate all the did not get a vote, to keep it fair so I don't have to pick and choose who get's eliminated. AndThen? Inceptor Manred Vigilante Zapasant93 tampa2012 Cpt.McCloud me brian...
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    Which character are you best with?

    Sonic is my best, and now that I've mastered him... the only other characters I'm comfortable with is Mario, Falco, and Meta-Knight. I'm trying to master Pokemon Trainer now.
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    How many matches with anyone have you Won?

    On an estimation, Played 22 times Won 14 So I'm actually doing better than I expected, and this is all with Sonic.
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    who have you decided to main

    Main: Sonic, Pokemon trainer Sub main: Meta-Knight, Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, Falco, Wario Sub: Mario, Ike, Snake, Pit, Diddy Kong Anti: Lucario, King Dedede, Link, Olimar
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    I've gotten all the times on the every Target test difficulty to unlock the trophies/stickers in the challenges thing. I beat SSE in 1 and half days. I unlocked every character in 2 days, I have only 14 things left I need to unlock on Challenges (which took me until now) I have...
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    Stadium Tips and Hints

    I had a very hard time killing 10 enemies in cruel Brawl the other day, but I finally did it and unlocked the sticker. My tip is to choose Ike (which I'm not very familar with myself) and jump off the platform and use his up B, but make sure you do it at the right time so it will hit all six...
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    Did I just find the rarest pokemon? =O

    I've only encountered Celebi, but no trophies were dropped, that was probably because my opponent threw the pokeball with Celebi in it.
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    Is it possible to play SSBB Wi-Fi with anyone and not experience lag?

    I rarely get lag, but that's mainly because I live in a state thats practically in the center of the USA.
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    The Next President (Wiichat style)

    EDIT: that suggestion, as good as it is, won't work as 'comfortably' as I want, nor will the length it will take, but thanks for the idea! AndThen? Idjut Inceptor Manred Minto Vigilante Wario2ooo Zapasant93 tampa2012 Cpt.McCloud CantGetAWii me brian Foosoo Vote Now...
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    Anybody Here Main Falcon?

    I mained him in Melee, and I, too, am having a harder time getting use to him then other Melee characters in Brawl. I'm good with fast characters, and I'm very good with Sonic now.
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    The Next President (Wiichat style)

    I've been without internet for few days. The voting has comenced!
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    Brawlcentral, (Spoilers, Spoilers on link) crazy video

    If you got to (SPOILERS on Link) and look at the featured video, you will see the thumbnail picture of the video, and it's a picture of Pikachu in a normal size body. It's seems that you can swop movesets with other characters on Training Mode, and swaping Pikachu's...
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    Smash Bros Site Discussion

    @NickAttack, (first spoiler tag) I agree.
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    Nintendo & Apple

    My exact thoughts.
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    Brawl trophy mistake (character spoiler)

    What I want to know is, who's the mother :lol:
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    The Next President (Wiichat style)

    Welcome, possible future Presidents! @ CantGetAWii, I agree. EDIT: Change of rule: To get more canidates to join the race, I will extend the race an extra 2 days, now, being 2 days left, it is now 4 days.
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    Who here loves ramen!

    I think everybody loves Ramen Noodles. I love them, mainly the Shrimp, Beef, and Oriental flavors. But heres my question. How do you (posters of the thread), pronounce Ramen, (Ray-men) or (Rha-men)? Me, I pronounce it (Rha-men), the reason I ask is because I got into an argument about it a...
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    Countdown From A Million

    Because (now I sound like a 5 year old :lol:) 994,515