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    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Anyone who has ever played any GTA game on a console should understand how good the game is however i was on wikipedia before and search "Grand Theft Auto 4", went down to Platforms and found this: "Nintendo Wii - According to an interview between Nintendo of America's president, Reggie...
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    All Games For Wii (NEW ONES)

    right people are always asking for names of new games well go here: http:// People all over the world are updating it!!!!:thumbsup:
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    What Do You Want With The Wii?

    they need to enable keyboard and mouse controllers so people can have a better choice of controllers and people can change how they operate the game................
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    Bad year for Sony? You decide...

    Dec 27, 2006 - PS3 Greymarket Watch: Scalpers Returning PS3s Back To Stores. Dec 27, 2006 - Gamers who queued for days to buy Sony's PS3 are frantically trying to trade them for the much cheaper Wii. Dec 28, 2006 - Sony's PS3: High-Scorer No More
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    Give this some thought

    is it only for fat americans .............?
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    donner kebab!
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    Office, anybody?

    Right ok here are the facts: UK version - awesome (Americans may not find if funny, english comedy is better and american comedy) American version - also amazing though people thought it would be **** but i have seen like 10 of those episodes and they are quite good!!!!!
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    iPod or MP3 player

    i have a 4gp nano ipod love it better than an mp3
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    What Web browser do you use?

    Hahaha ie7 I used opera in the past and firfox hate firefox though opera was great !
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    What are you listening to?

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    Post your desktop.

    Here Is Mine :shifty: :shifty: :shifty: :shifty: :shifty:
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    Give this some thought

    What is "AAA"?
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    :arf: Right i have a great idea for the name of the next nintendo console: pii or (why not?) urine I mean it would be so funny! :worship:
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    Post Pics of your Gaming Area

    Lol I like ur alcohol!
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    i want to play online

    agreed wii needs to invest in adult games like rockstars and more shooters!
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    1st online game

    battalion wars!
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    Runescape on wii?

    i bet it is impossible!
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    Runescape on Wii?

    Lol OMG we have minds alike as soon as it said javascript would work i soon thought of runescape imagine that runescape on ur tv funny lol! I hate the game now though!!:idea:
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    Celebrity Mii's

    i want a prez bush want a prez bush