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    Graphics Sub-section Petition!

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    Are these charecters in any super smash bros??

    WTF??? Proffesor Oak xD You gotta be kidding me it's obvious it's fake...But yea some of them are in the other SSB games
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    The Legend is Back!

    I didn't ***** about anyones sig xD anyways I used to have a Video Sig yea
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    The Legend is Back!

    I remember all of you :P And I guess I did beat ya SSBB_lover :P
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    The Legend is Back!

    You forgot me :O
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    Sonic is in Brawl!!!

    If Sonic is in Brawl I would f*cking **** myself...And I don't see myself shitting myself :/
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    The Legend is Back!

    Yes Im back hope you guys didn't miss me :P Anyways I left because of all the Noobies but I cant stand the Temptation of reading News about the Wii :O So yea Hi...Again :)
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    Happy Birthday Wiired

    Woot. I never get Chocolate on my BD :( I get Bassests Winegums *Drools* :P
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    Happy Birthday Wiired

    Happy Birthday Man! :D *sings* Happy Birthday to you... You were in a Zoo You look like a Gorilla and you smell like one to! Hehehehe :P
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    triforce powers.

    I wasnt Talking about you! Durrr....And you agreed with Wolf when he said that although it's not friggen True. Durrrr.... How many times should I say....Durrrr.....To you.
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    Your characters

    Durrrrrr.....What if people run after you and attack you. While Wavedashing helps you cuz you go backwards and your directing at the Enemy. Durrrrr......Like double DURRR........ And it's not Ran it Run Ran=WRONG Run=CORRECT Durrrr...
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    meta knight. a clone or not a clone?

    Yes than Meta Knight isnt a Clone. Durrr...
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    Sonic in SSB Brawl?

    I dont care who you are talking to. YOU HAVE SAID ALL OF YOUR OPINIONS ****ING MILLION TIMES WE DONT ****ING NEED TO HEAR THAT ****ING ****. WE HEARD IT THE FIRST ****ING TIME YOU RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    ps3 box art what do you think.....

    gar! My eyes >.< Thanx wolf you saved my eyes with the Wii boxart :D
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    triforce powers.

    FFS Who says Gannondorf is the best Char in the game? You wanna rephrase that? All the characters are the Same with different moves. Except Marth he has a little help when you Fly far away from the stage :/ so does Ness.
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    Sonic in SSB Brawl?

    OMG how retarded are you? Youve ****ing repeated this shizz Over and Over again WILL YOU ****ING STOP SPAMMING YOU MOTHER ****ING **** HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad5: :mad5: :mad5: :mad5: :mad5: :mad5: :mad5:
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    Ok then MetroidZ where abouts in London do you live? Near Shoreditch? or on the otherside? Hmm? Yes? No? Maybe? :P
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    Legend of Zelda Character Elimination

    HURT LINK!!! Tingle is DEAD!! :'( [27] Link(I believe :/) [26] Tertra [25] Agahnim [25] Aryll [25] Darunia [25] Epona [25] Kaepora Gaebora [25] Malon [25] Nabooru [25] Ruto [25] Saria [25] Sheik [25] Talon [23] Impa [22] Zelda [22] Makar [22] Medli [22] King Daphnes [21] Ganon
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    Never had a Gamecube...

    you can get Ocarina, Majoras mask, Windwaker, The Legend of Zelda(ORG), The adventure of link, And if you get Gameboy player for GC you can get the GB version of all the Zelda games that were for the Snes and NES :)
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    Naruto Fillers Are Over

    Yea but there is fillers until ep. 206-208 :) Read it at Naruto Chaos.